Strangers Donate $130,000 To Cardboard Arcade Kid's College Fund

feel-good story of the week is definitely the one involving nine year-old Caine, whose cardboard arcade is just about the cutest thing ever.

The slick film put together to document his arcade was done for a reason, though: it was aimed at gathering donations towards a college fund for Caine.

Less than a week after first taking off, Caine's college fund looks a lot healthier than Lisa Simpson's at the moment, generous onlookers having donated $US130,000.

With the average annual cost to attend a private college in the US at just under $US20,000, Caine can now either attend the Gold-Plated Arcade College for Demi-Gods on Mount Olympus, or he can just bum around a regular college for as long as he wants.

A Kid's Cardboard Arcade is the Most Beautiful Thing You'll See Today [Kotaku]

Caine's Arcade [Caine's Arcade]


    How's a kid supposed to be able to manage that amount of money?

      There are these amazing things called banks.

      I'm pretty sure that will handle it for him, along with his guardians/parents.

    I built an arcade out of cardboard when I was a kid too. I just got told to stop being a dickhead and that if I did not put all those boxes back where I got them I would be shitting blood for a week after the arse kicking I would receive. Now that was real love there, none of this $130,000 gifts kids get now.

    Maybe thats the way to do it, places like the cancer council should make arcades of out whastever they can. That way they can finally get proper donations.

    This kid has a great mind, he deserves a proper education. Great story, great outcome, faith in humanity restored a little.


    crap, wrong viral vid...

    Aw, I thought the donations were to get him a proper arcade :(

    So stoked for the kid!

    Lucky kid, but really? Kid builds "arcade" machines out of cardboard and gets his college paid for....I get that this is a feel good story but $130,000 could go towards something for a much larger group of people, like cancer research or even into a college scholarship fund, in even 6 years that could gather enough to pay for his college and, if managed properly, at least 8 other colleges at the prices in the article.

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