The Entire Universe And Other Things That Are Awesome

People aren't very big at all. But at least we're bigger than ants, cells, the X chromosome and all the empty space between particles. On the other hand, we get tiny awfully fast. Even dinky little Rhode Island looks huge in comparison to us. At least, until you keep scrolling out...

From quantum foam and the Planck length (that's itty bitty) to the scope of the entire measurable universe itself, this amazingly cool interactive graphic has it all.

But don't ask yourself what comes after the entire universe. That way lies madness. (Unless you're a college student, and it's 3:30 in the morning, and you may have had a few particularly strong adult beverages recently. That's the perfect time to wonder what comes after the entire universe.)

And just in case you'd ever wondered how big the world of Minecraft really is? It's just about Neptune, but nowhere near Jupiter.

The Scale of the Universe 2 []


    Saw this a few months back! It's very very cool!

    Saw this on Universe Today. Really awesome. Too bad kids don't learn about the Solar System in school. Instead they are made to believe humans are actually capapble of heating an entire planet :S

    To me, when things like this are put into perspective, i can't help but feel that reality as a whole is quite beautiful. It's just something to think about there are things happening constantly we cannot see with the naked eye, and we can make sense of something that came from nothing

    If anyones interested in Astronomy and the Universe, listen to Astronomycast. Fan-freaking-tastic.

    Saw this a few months back too. It's great. What is truly amazing (and I'm surprised the article doesn't mention it) is that it was created by a Year 8 high school student!

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