The Week In Evil DLC

Downloadable content. Everyone hates it — but everyone buys it. Yes, even you in the comments, smart guy. Here's a look at the latest package of extensions and pre-order bonuses designed to crowbar the last dollar out of your wallet. Can you still respect yourself if you buy it?

LittleBigPlanet Karting: Kevin Butler Sackboy Skin

Available: Later this year, when the game releases. Price: It's a preorder bonus What You Get: Your Sackboy dresses up like the KB, complete with lustrous coif, and will evidently get a golf cart vehicle befitting his executively eminence. Why It's Evil: Aside from the fact we're being asked to create content for a second Sony-exclusive cart racer in three years, folks, this is an ad. Yes, an ad. They're enticing you to preorder something that does not even have a release date yet with an ad. Sure, Kevin Butler is a clever character, but so is the Burger King, and no one was especially charmed by his appearance in Fight Night Round 3.

Evil Score: 4/5. Unlike the King, there is, presumably, some function provided by this golf cart, whatever the hell that is.

Tekken Tag Tournament: Early Character Access

Available: Whenever the game releases in the US, sometime in September. Price: Free with preorder. What You Get: Early and exclusive access to some of the game's characters, thereby incentivising early adoption. Why It's Evil: Katsuhiro Harada gave an interview to Eurogamer in which he "re-iterated his long-held commitment to providing all content up-front in order to preserve the chess-like nature of the character combat interaction." Then he said that those who preorder Tekken Tag Tournament 2 would enjoy preorder access to certain characters for a limited window. This content becomes free to everyone afterward.

Evil Score: 4/5. Come on. I don't play chess with exclusive pieces for a limited time, even if they're free to everyone after a month. Namco has created content for the main game and is setting it aside as an incentive to drive day-one sales.

Stardrone Extreme: Level Skip

Available: Now. Price: 99 cents. What You Get: Dawwww, is this PS Vita game too hard on you? Well, for a buck you can buy your way out of a challenge. The "Level Skip DLC" allows you to buy your way past a particularly vexing level. "Once purchased it lasts forever." You still have to finish a level to get full credit for it (in points and medals.) Why It's Evil: They're selling you a cheat and the download is 100KB. Case closed.

Evil Score: 3/5. "Once purchased it lasts forever," so it's not like they're gouging you on a level-by-level basis.


    I don't really find the Tekken one to be all that evil.

    Besides, players like to experiment and try different characters. By the time they've gone through all the non-locked characters then the rest will be available for them to try.

      True, but in the past the typical way of unlocking new characters was by playin though the story mode with the default characters, or other gameplay related ways - not by waiting an arbitrary period of time because you didn't pre-order.

        That was before second hand game sales destroyed the market.


          wrong! second hand game sales destroying the market?
          Well then, that must mean the market has been destroyed ever since the first game cartridge was made in the 1980's....and the exsistence of current gen consoles and its success must all be in my imagination...

            any dev/publisher that complains about it should piss off and find a new job. used games have been around almost as long as games themselves.
            used games strengthen the market. little timmy wouldnt be able to afford the latest game if he couldnt sell or trade his old ones that are a few years old and havent been supported by the developers since 3 months after release.

    Are pre-order bonus really that evil?

      That's a very broad question.

      Does it take away from the core game like leaving the Prothean out of ME3? I thought not at first but the more I played of ME3 the more I realised Javik was a core element of ME3, not a side character. So in some cases, yes.

      In some cases, like Red Dead, where you get golden guns? Or incidental things that dont change the core game? No.

    I came here expecting to find a new KB ad.

    I shall leave disappointed.

    I don't buy it, actually I often don't purchase a game if they have day 1 DLC.

    I will probably purchase it later once it is like $10 for the gold edition that has all that content rolled into it or ignore it if it doesn't.

    FUCK DLC and FUCK PRE-ORDER bonuses, and FUCK Collectors Edition bonuses (unless they are purely cosmetic, then I say meh).

    I still don't buy DLC, Owen.

    Indeed. :3

    I've never bought DLC, I've thought about it, and wanted to, but never have. I just find it feels like I'm being cheated after I've already bought a game that I have to buy more to complete the game. I know it's not acctually doing that, but it feels like that.

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