Time To Shoot Stick People With Various Rifles

There are many things the iPhone does well. Add shooting stick figures in their stick heads to them.

In Clear Vision, you are a down on your luck stick figure that becomes a hitman after failing to get other jobs. You spend your time in your dingy little apartment, getting contracts to ice targets. Then you head out on assignments in which you shoot stick people in a variety of different situations. You earn money and can buy new rifles, and sometimes you have to use your mobile phone on missions. There are cutscenes peppered throughout. That seems to be it!

The game is ages 17 and up, because, well, you go around popping people's noggins off.

Clear Vision is way better than it has any right to be. I love that about the game. It's like the developers thought, hey, why can't we make something deep and fulfilling that features stick figures. Well, you can. And they did.

I've played only a short bit with Clear Vision, but what I played, I liked. A lot.

Clear Vision [iTunes]


    ultimately, it took me 25-30 minutes to finish, fun to play, but not really sure if it was worth .99 when there are sooooooooooooooo many free stick figure shooters out there

    Short game but there are supposed to be free updates en route. Great storyline.

    Short! Short! Even at 99c my wallet feels violated.

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