What Azeroth Looks Like From Space

Reddit user lurker_becomes_lurkd has turned the draw distance on World of Warcraft all the way up to eleven, and in a series of screenshots lets us look down on the world of Azeroth as though we were Gods.

It's...clearly not designed to be seen from this kind of distance (it needed some tweaks to get the camera up there), but at the same time it still looks amazing, especially for a game that's approaching its tenth birthday. Shows what a strong colour palette can do your longevity.

This is a view from the top of Nordrassil all the way down to the southern shore of Uldum. View distance set at 21000 (in-game settings max out at 1250). [Reddit, via PC Gamer]


    Its funny how much bigger wintergrasp looks compared to sholozar basin in that last image.

      Even Borean Tundra looks tiny in comparison.

    Oh lord, people think its a real planet now, with atmosphere and an expansive universe

      where does it say that?

        In between the part about how nobody is thinking of the children and the evil of mmos are the greatest challenge of our time. Geez how'd you miss it.

    Looks a bit like Warcraft 3, funnily enough.

      well originally it was going to be based on the warcraft 3 engine!

      Same engine.

    Looks less like a view from space and more like a view from a commercial airliner... but hey, it's still kinda neat.

    This is hilarious when it's compared to something like Skyrim: there's a literal line where the environment shifts rather than it being blended in subtle natural ways.

    It's amazing to think how far game design has come in so short a time ^_^

    How do we see the full size pictures?

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