Who Wants To Get Drunk League Of Legends Style?

When League of Legends characters aren't flinging crackling balls of energy at one another on the battlefield you'll probably find them working on their bartending licence. Those energy balls can also be turned into a lovely looking drink, proved by the images up top — taken from Nimhain's blog AlcoLol.

As an obvious fan of LoL Nimhain really nails it on a couple of these drinks, maintaining the look and 'flavour' of each character. It helps that they're all named after one of their respective character's moves.

Unfortunately reception to these pictures at Kotaku Mansion was less than positive. "Wouldn't drink that if you paid me to" was one opinion. "Two gross ingredients. So a negative and another negative add to make more negative" was also heard. Though there was one "I would drink the **** out of that." Guess which is which.

AlcoLoL [Blogspot via League of Legends]


    Gragasus' booze looks awesome, even though he's a cheap wine drinker

      Gragas really does look like a whisky drinker to me.

        But he totes around a huge cask of dodgy plonk!

        Still, i agree with you on what his cask should be holding.

    Gragas' drink calls for Cream Soda which is NOTHING like Creaming Soda. Possibly good to know?

    can you get Cream Soda in Aus? Need to check out the import fridges later!

      I used creaming soda for it. Must have mistyped it while make the slide up (that's what I get for drinking and typing together).

    always disappointed no-one does kennen related LoL stuff :P

      There will be a Kennen one in the future. I need to make a recipe up for him first. There are about 94 champions in LoL and I'm hoping to do a drink for each of them.

      In reply to the Kotaku reactions: I have drunk everything that I put up. If I don't like the taste I scrap the drink and start again.

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