Your Lover Or DotA? An Online Love Story.

It could be a complete fabrication. Or it could be a true story. Regardless, a love story is making the rounds online in China. It's not just any love story. It deals with addiction, DotA, and one decisive match.

The boyfriend in the story, as website Tech In Asia pointed out, seems like a jerk. He's not nice to his girlfriend when he loses in DotA and does things like makes her bring him food and drinks while he plays. All he thinks about is DotA.

DotA (Defense of the Ancients), of course, is a mode for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Valve is working on a sequel, Dota 2.

Since the story does not give the couple's names or location, it's possible that this is simply an internet fabrication. Made-up internet stories that are as engaging as any TV soap opera are not unheard up in Asia.

The girl is supposedly desperate to win back her beau from DotA that she is apparently planning on challenging him to a winner-takes-all match. If she wins, her boyfriend must quit DotA forever.

The girlfriend is supposedly boning up her DotA skills by training, taking notes, and studying up online for tips. Her goal is to end his DotA addiction and get back the guy she fell in love with. Hopefully she won't lose herself in the game in the process...

While the story could be made up, it is kicking off all sorts of interesting discussions online in China. One reader poll on website QQ Games (via Tech In Asia) revealed that 30 per cent of those responded would give up their significant other for DotA. Moreover, the poll revealed that 80 per cent of readers "sometimes" or "often" play DotA so they won't feel lonely. And here's this guy — real or not — who apparently has a girlfriend so keen to win him back over she's ready to kick his arse at DotA. If she's real, I wish her luck.

痴情女玩家苦练DOTA 只为打赢男友助他戒游戏 [QQ Games via TechInAsia]

(Top photo: AP)


    A mode or a mod? and as for that why do people call it a mod, nothing in the map detail makes it out to be anything other than a custom map yet people always refer to it as a mod.

      ummmmmm, maybe because it plays nothing like warcraft 3?

      it's certainly not just a custom map

    It's a waste of time loving someone who doesn't love you back.

      couldn't agree more.

      i would do anything for a girl that loved me as much as this girl obviously loves her boyfriend. i hope it isnt all for nothing..

    If my girlfriend asked me to stop playing (because i was neglecting her) dota/2 lol, hell whatever I'd be off mobas faster than carries snowball. I love games, i can't really imagine my life without them, but if they were destroying my relationship, I'd sure as hell learn to to.

    If this is true, and he hasn't taken steps to stop playing already, he is either going to slowly ween himself back into playing it if she wins or play it behind her back, or she is going to have to move on.

    The fact that he hasn't made a change already and she must win a game just shows that she is wasting her time IMO

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