Adventure Game Fans, You'll Probably Want To Play Journey Down

Indie adventure game The Journey Down, which has actually been available in various versions for a while now, but today sees the release of a "HD" version which turns the formerly low-fi experience into something a little shinier.

If you've never played it, but love adventure games, you should see about fixing that. Of all the games in the last 20 years to have tried, The Journey Down probably does the best job of all in capturing that special mix of humour, puzzles and quirkiness that made the 1990s the golden era for the genre.

It's playable for free, but if you like what you play I'd say pay the $US14 and get the HD version (available below). It's definitely worth it.

The Journey Down [Official Site]


    I can back that up, this game is a real gem. Definately a must play for fans of the genre!

    I love the claymation-style characters. Interesting to see how it's developed since the early days when the aesthetics were different.

    Who do I slap for not making me aware of this game sooner?

    Wish this game was on steam. Whats the best option to purchase it? Thinking Desura at the moment.

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