Amazon-Exclusive Spider-Man Preorder Bonus Let's You Play As The Amazing Stan Lee

Just look at it, folks. That's how you generate preorders right there. Amazon is going to be swamped.

I didn't believe it when Stan Lee said it back in March, and now that Activision's made it official I'm still not sure I believe it. And I call myself a true believer.

But yes, it is true. Players that preorder The Amazing Spider-Man from Amazon get a special series of missions featuring Stan "The Man" Lee. The legendary comic creator will take to the skies of Manhattan, borrowing Spider-Man's powers to keep his ancient sinews from snapping apart as he gracefully swings through the city, delivering witty banter in his signature style. Activision promises a special surprise at the end of the mission arc, perhaps something celebrating Spider-Man's 50th anniversary.

Meanwhile, at GameStop, store clerks will sullenly sit in sad silence as no one shows up for their Rhino Challenge preorder bonus, which lets players go on a rampage as Spidey's thick-skinned foe.

Nice picture, but it's no 89-year-old man in a business suit dangling from webs over the streets of New York, is it?


    This is the kind of stuff that gets me to pre-order something. Let's just hope the game's good, eh?

      Movie tie-ins rushed out to coincide with a film's release... they're almost always fantastic.

        Well, the previous Spider-Man ones were pretty decent. At least 1 and 2. I have no idea about 3.


    Wait... Is Spidey wearing sneakers in that bottom picture??

      holy crap...yeah whats up with that?

      Never mind that look at his ass, it looks like one giant buttock.

    Is there an international law that states Stan Lee must make a cameo appearance in any Marvel media that I don't know about?

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