Asshole Sims Won't Let Fish Babies Sleep


    strong post/10

    Plunkett, blah, sucks, blah blah, journalist, image, blah

    Once this used to be funny, now it's gotten to the point where I'm reluctant to go to this website because the posts aren't worth my time. Well done Kotaku editors for ignoring your core audience.

      Yeah, it's like picking through dorkly reports and random junk to find the articles buried within.

    Wow, I expected baby fish, not fish babies.

    Oh god I thought it was a guy tapping on a fish tank, and I misread the headline to exclude the word "babies" and I didn't know what was so "Sims gone wrong" about it
    but then I saw the gif proper, and a rightful chortle was had.

    Luke must be good buddies with his boss. I can't imagine any other reasons to keep him employed.

    ....I just critiqued luke like a couple of hours ago....seriously dude!? Twice in one day?

      Im sure he has plenty or people convincing him that we are just a vocal minority with a chip on our shoulders. It couldn't be that he is just a hack.

    I don't know what that's about...

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