Company Of Heroes 2 Will Come Out Next Year, Moves To WWII's Eastern Front

Relic's popular Company of Heroes will be out next year, according to scans of PC Gamer magazine posted at Polygon. This confirms rumours of its development and will make Mr Luke Plunkett one happy camper.


    CoH was a very, very good game. I will definitely be checking this out, once its not $90 :P

    This is the best news of the year, Adam I agree with you tenfold. Company of heroes in my eyes was one of (and still is) the best rts out there.

    Amazing game (I still play it regularly), though I'm still waiting patiently for Homeworld 3.


    awesome game, imagine COH running on the starcraft 2 engine. drool, hopefully they can get close


      Essence Engine is far superior SC2's engine. SC2 looks 'good' due to stylization


    I think I might actually get into pc gaming just for this game.

    I was kinda hoping this would be Dawn of War 3. Oh well.

    CoH and the Starcraft engine? Srsly? (only because Starcrafts engine isn't as complex 'strategy' wise as CoH's current one is)

    What yah ment to say is imagine it on a brand new version of Relic's standard RTS engine., (refers to DoW2 etc and CoH) This is great news though, love the game!

    Finally read the scans. I'm rather excited.

    They could have just rereleased CoH and given the Americans funny hats while putting a snow texture down and I'd have been happy. Looks like they did a bit more than that.

    Try a more realistic and challenging game like Men of War Assault squad with coop mode. I find it a better game then CoH


    CoH sucks unless you're doing multiplayer against people.
    I have witnessed proof of the AI acting against every move you make, even though they shouldn't be able to see what you're doing through the shroud. Fact: The AI cheats, so this game can fuck off.

      On the basis on one unverified claim, you're going mental over something rather unrelated? CoH =/= CoH2. If you want actually want to enjoy a match, why are you playing against AI?

      Chill out...

      Of course A.I. cheats. It's how convincingly it does it that matters.

    Why no Pacific Theater?.. :/

    CoH eastern front is a well known mod for company of heroes isn't it.....??

      Yep, and it's awesome.

    Riflespam returns!

    *Begins frothing at mouth in anticipation*

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