Fans Piece Together The Box Art For Halo 4

And here we have what looks like the box art for Halo 4, as assembled by NeoGAFer spawn031. An email from Microsoft went out with fragments of this image, titled "Your piece of the Halo 4 puzzle." Each email came with a bit of this image, which spawn031 assembled and monsterfracas shared.

Hey, now. That is some cool-ass box art.

Halo 4 Box Art [NeoGAF — Thanks Andrew!]


    Sorry, all i see is Master Chief about to be eaten by Unicron.

    And now you do too.

      i dont see that at all :S

      No...... I don't....

        Are you two actually looking at the full image though?

        Remove Master Chief, replace with Optimus and change it too a new Transformers movie and I'll be interested!

    Master Chief has bony girls arms and a beer gut

    I like the cropped version more than the full sized version.

    Unicron: I will provide you with a new body and new troops to command. Behold Galvachief!

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