Images Of This Skyscraper City Will Blow Your Friggin' Mind

To say Hong Kong is crowded is an understatement. Over seven million people are squeezed into just 1108 square kilometres. And boy, in some places it's a tight squeeze.

As website China Smack pointed out, the city has 6588 high-rise buildings, which is more than New York's 5818. Hong Kong truly is a "skyscraper city".

In Architecture of Density, German photographer Michael Wolf captured the city's most cramped residences. They look more like concrete curtains than dwellings. The photos are unreal.

Have a look at Wolf's work from the past few years, courtesy of the M97 Shanghai Contemporary Photography Gallery.

Hong Kong Ant Tribe [China Smack]

Top photo: Michael Wolf/M97


    That's some seriously high-density living. At least if you fart, you can blame anyone.

    Yay! My hometown :)


    They look like miniatures, I would have thought these were designs for new skyscrapers not existing ones

    McGarnical, you sir are a genius. :D

    Looks like those old Magic Eye pictures.
    "It's a schooner!"

    Ultimate LAN setup!!!

    Damn, I thought those pics weren't loading properly, and they were just lagging out and replicating the top portion. Once I realised that they really were like that.... Blind Mown.

      hahaa I thought the exact same thing!

    I'd so forget where I live and end up lost for days searching for my unit.

    Hideous, so prefer my none overpopulated low poverty country town.

    And still so many damn people want to move to HK

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