Jet Set Radio Coming To PlayStation Vita

In addition to the upcoming console re-releases, Sega's classic Jet Set Radio will also be making an appearance on the PlayStation Vita. Only this time, with touch-screen motion controls, and some kind of camera integration. Yes. Please.

It'll be out in winter.


    Never played the old ones, and the screenshots make it look a bit stinky. What's so special about it? It's gotta be at least decent if it's getting a remake.

      The art style, soundtrack, flow and general fun nature of the game. It's fantastic

    It's almost identical to tony hawk's american wasteland except you're on roller blades.

      Except this came out long before Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.

        And comparing the game to American Wasteland (particularly by saying that it's almost identical when AW was terrible) does JSR a HUGE disservice.

    It's really awesome - for it's time, it was a great, free-roaming exploration kind-of game with the hook of finding high ledges and spraying graffiti all over the joint. Controls were tight, the soundtrack was awesome and the cel-shaded visuals were something else. I think XIII was one of the only other game to use the technique so at the time it was pretty evolutionary in terms of its style.
    A great series of games and well worth a re-release - however, I reckon I'll stick with the home console version. Still, more Vita titles can't be a bad thing.

    looks neet, still want a tony hawk game for vita (not a psp game) a actually tony hawks skateboarding for vita

    oh man, vita just keeps on getting better, i was a bit dissapointed at first, but all these good games coming to it?

    I LIKE

    shit yeah!! this is awesome news... played the crap out of them on dreamcast an xbox, now for my ps vita as well :)

    I will buy a Vita just to play this game. Playing it on the original Xbox, man, it was awesome.

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