Nightwing, Bizarro And Zatanna Playable With Lego Batman 2 Pre-Order DLC

Nightwing, Bizarro And Zatanna Playable With Lego Batman 2 Pre-Order DLC

With Superman, Wonder Woman and Green lantern joining the Dark Knight in Lego Batman 2, you’re pretty much going to be able to assemble a miniature Justice League in the block-happy sequel. But since when it comes to hero team-ups, four measly characters is barely an appetizer. You’ll be happy to know, then, that more characters will apparently be showing up in the game. But it’s a little less exciting that find out that extra characters like Damian Wayne, Katana and others will be coming via retailer exclusive pre-orders.

BrickUltra — via a post on French site BrickHeroes that links to a German retailer listing for the game — notes that a villain-focused DLC character pack will offer purchasers the chance to play Bizarro, Gorilla Grodd, Black Manta, Captain Cold or Black Adam. The villain DLC can be currently seen on EB Games’ Australian portal. Meanwhile, Nightwing, Katana, Damian Wayne, Shazam and Zatanna will make up a the contents of a heroes add-on. For the U.S., Amazon appears to be the outlet offering the Heroes pack but it’s not yet announced where the bad-guy exclusive is going to wind up.

Here’s hoping you don’t have kids who are crazy for backwards-talking magicians and evil psychic gorillas, because if you do, it might mean you’re getting two copies of the game from two places.

LEGO 5 Heroes Character Pack Pre-Order Bonus [BrickUltra]



  • Or just waiting till it comes down cheap. Anytime people announce multiple preorder bonuses. 9 times out of 10 they’re DLC after a few months, and in the GOTY edition further down the line. I’ll just buy it when its cheap and not new. Nice one guys.

  • I’m normally 100% happy to pay the extra price for the pre-order bonus, to have access to it from day 1 and the game from launch day, but that normally goes for things like Halo, Prototype, inFamous and Borderlands, “adult” games. from the simple fact that I’m an adult with my own income and so I can choose what to buy, when it’s worth it to me and who to buy from. This seems like it’s setting kids up for disappointment when, if they REALLY wanted to fight Black Adam, they get stuck playing as Nightwing or with access to neither. The thing to remember is that this is, primarily, a kids game. Sure LEGO can market it however they want, but it is a kids game for kids to play, otherwise it would probably be a more gritty game like Arkham City.
    If this was a more adult game, like Arkham City I would do as Magus44 said and wait for the GOTY edition, but I think with the standard of games coming out this year, even Diablo with it’s connection issues, it’ll be hard pressed to win any GOTY, but that’s just me. I think I’m going to have to buy it twice and then return to EB after the Amazon one arrives

  • Seems a bit harsh to pull this crap with a kids game.

    And all my hate for locking Captain Marvel away as pre-order dlc!

  • wasn’t nightwing free in the first lego batman? wasn’t he one of the first people you unlock?


    Plus, these characters will probably play the exact same like the other Lego games. No great loss.

    • Unless the picture is a head fake and you actually get to play as Shazam!

      That being said, I would agree on EVERY other Lego game, that all the characters are essentially the same with a different look. Since it’s superheros with “unique” abilities, I would hope that the gameplay is significantly different for each hero. Batman would likely play the same, so would Robin and Nightwing, but Superman? Wonder Woman? Green Lantern? They are all totally different and to just reskin them would be a huge fuck you from Lego

  • Et tu, lego? :'(
    I think this is pretty stupid. Usually I’m okay with Pre-Order DLC, as long as it’s the same everywhere, not different DLC at different places. You can’t even get the Hero Pack in Australia, can you? D:

  • So how do I get ahold of the hero DLC in Aus? And do they apply to all versions of the game? I’m wondering how the Wii version would do DLC, or will everyone just be unlockable in that one?

      • yeah i was also, cause im missing the 10 characters the expansion came with. And i just called Gamestop and they know nothing about it. So if anyone else has figured it out, that would be great.

  • I’v been looking for the cheat code for damian wayne for days, and it feels like two months now.

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