Ocean Marketing’s Christoforo Sues Former Client For Defamation Of Character

Ocean Marketing’s Christoforo Sues Former Client For Defamation Of Character

Paul Christoforo, best known as the man who set off an internet firestorm after a spat with a customer went public last December, has filed a lawsuit against the company he worked for them.

He’s going after N-Control CEO David Kotkin, the man who develops a gaming accessory called the Avenger Controller. Christoforo told Kotaku that Kotkin has been “preventing [him] from making a living by lying about things that never happened”.

Here’s the email Christoforo sent Kotaku this afternoon:

(All emails are presented verbatim. Spelling and grammar have not been altered.)

The grounds are defamation of Character telling lies about me my company and preventing me from making a living by lying about things that never happened and I plan on going after other people too esp .coms who printed the lies and did not retract after i asked nicely. Breach of contract for them not paying me an undisclosed sum of money Due to me at the time we parted ways and a few other things named in the lawsuit.

Here’s an email Christoforo sent Kotaku two weeks ago, after we reported on David Kotkin’s attempt to recover from the whole debacle.

David can talk all the talk he wants to, the filing is public record so all the dirty laundry and shenanigan’s he pulled will be exposed to the public. I have remained quiet and just fooling around on the internet building up to this law suit and now it’s only a matter of time before his text messages and emails to me are released to the public.

We have not yet seen the mentioned text messages and e-mails, but we’ll update if we do. When reached for comment by Kotaku, Christoforo’s lawyer said he had no comment on the ongoing lawsuit.



  • Does Christoforo even think… at all…? He’s an internet troll who somehow landed a job, he’s going to get his ass whupped in court.

  • This Christoforo is in public relations right?

    I am always shocked by how poor his grammar is!! For someone whose job certainly must require a fair amount of written communication, he seems to have a limited understanding of punctuation and grammar.

  • I don’t know much about defamation law, but I am aware generally that defamation is anything that could tend to lower your standing among others. This dude is pretty subterranean so I doubt there is anything you could say about him that could lower his standing.

  • Pretty sure this guy does a world class job of defaming his own character without anyone else’s help.

      • Considering that it was HIM that wrote the emails to the customer and Mike from PA that made him look so bad (probably because he IS bad, at EVERYTHING), suing himself would only be logical.

  • Sadly for him, all the bad things that were said about him were true…., no defamation case would have a leg to stand on.

  • Just when you think Christoforo is done making a dick of himself for our entertainment, he pulls this.

    Bravo good sir!

  • I’m pretty sure the thing preventing him from making a living in PR is… well, how badly he handled a PR disaster. Even if Kotkin told a bag of lies (doubtful), anyone with any skill in PR could have prevented it from escalating like it did. That’s kind of what PR are supposed to do. If you can’t protect your own brand from such a thorough trashing, who the hell is going to pay you to promote theirs? On a standpoint of his profession the whole thing was breathtakingly incompetent.

    Especially with such tragic spelling and grammar on display. Did this dude seriously ever write press releases?

  • I’m not entirely sure what private emails have to do with a defamation case? Or can you defame someone privately between the two of you?

  • Extremely egocentric, aggressive, rash and unpredictable: I would bet money that he has a coke problem.

  • Defamation? Because your employer blamed you, the PR guy, for not doing their job? Shocking.
    PR is a cutthroat world and if you don’t succeed at something, the industry turns on you. And, as above, I’m pretty amazed at how bad his English is. But then again, he has his own style, and I’ve always been told to nurture and develop a unique style.
    Maybe HE’S the genius.

    • Christoforo did all the damage that was needed to himself. He was hired for Public Relations, made a complete debacle out of it, and now is raising hell because he lost the job over it. He poisoned the reputation of N-Control and the Avenger controller, almost got them kicked out of half the tech shows in the US, lost them thousands of customers, etc, by demonstrating exceedingly poor public relations skills (read: issued threats and attempted to bully) to both a customer and then to the director of one of the biggest Tech/Gaming shows in the country. Pretty sure that’s a breach of contract, if nothing else, not to mention a sheer act of stupidity.

      There sure as hell ain’t no “genius” there.

  • Christoforo is a douche.
    If some-one else did something wrong…. it doesn’t change his being a douche.
    I seriously doubt it matters what people say about him, the incident is all on the web, and it has a long memory… I can’t see anyone with access to google hiring him (unless it’s as one of the people you dress in the padded suit and sick the dogs on… secretly hoping the get through the suit this time)

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