Someone Did Ask For This: Original Deus Ex Coming To European PSN

One of the best-loved games ever will be hitting the PlayStation Network, as Deus Ex gets released as a download in Europe next week.

Eurogamer cites confirmation from Square Enix that the Ion Storm-developed title will be out on the 16th for £7.99. It's not clear if this Deus Ex will be the original PC version or the PS2 port released as Deus Ex: The Conspiracy.


    This is cool. Does this might it might make it to the PSN in Aus?

    Finally a reason to justify my ownership of a PS3!

    But I don't have a PS3. Put it on 360 or Vita please.

      They can't be bothered. Buy a ps3 please.

        Or just use a PC and play the original in all its glory.

          Actually this. This would be better.

    Makes sense to be the PS2 port, considering the controls are already ready.

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