The Avengers Spelled A Game Company's Name Wrong, Reveals The Worst Job In Hollywood

If you've seen The Avengers, you'll know there's a mildly awkward moment where, of all games, Galaga is mentioned, then actually shown. Aside from coming across as an advertisement, it's short, and it's relatively harmless.

The thing is, because it needs to be officially mentioned, Galaga and its publishers Namco Bandai are then listed in the credits of the film. Only, they're listed as NAMECO BANDAI. Whoops.

It doesn't ruin the movie. It doesn't ruin Galaga. What it does, at least this is what it did for me, is make me you realise, shit, there's somebody, or even a team, that has to proofread movie credits. And that person/team screwed up here.

All those names and titles in all the movies... what an awful job that must be.



    The amount of fuck's that aren't being given.

    Is mindblowing.



      If I gave a shit, you'd be the first person I gave it to.

      In all honesty we should go easy on Luke - It's great that someone with such a severe handicap is able to get around and have a life like normal people. But they should probably pay him less, as he's obviously not worth the same as a whole, normal person.

    Must be a very slow day for lazy journalist Luke

      For us it may be a very slow news day, but for Luke it is... Monday.

      Lazy? How can you be considered lazy if you sit through the credits of a movie and are able to pick out a spelling error?

      I for one applaud Luke's efforts for bringing us this breaking news. This is the kind of commitment that all Kotaku US authors need to strive to replicate.

        If only he could use the same eagle eye on his own goddamned articles.

        However on his side today is that it appears he has had a good day today.

    Not sure how a mistake makes one realise credits have proof-readers. If anything, it'd make you think they DON'T get proof-read.

    The E in NAMECO is totally a photoshopped M from NAMCO ;)

      New article incoming?

    Couldn't be as awful a job as proof reading a Luke Plunkett post...BAZINGA!

    *shoots self in head*

    The amusing thing is, this article wasn't proofread either and contains a mistake.

    You guys may be rubbishing this article, but I'm sure somebody is getting in big shit for this.

      This is true. I'd like to point out that their entire job isn't just proofreading credits in all likelihood, but yeah, this has probably caused a few issues.

    I can think of worse things one could be forced to read through.

    Man Kotaku used to be a site worth coming to.......bye bye Kotaku

    I was staying clear of the Luke-hate all this time, but after this, I've had enough. I'm sure they can put more ads in place of the Lukisms.

    I find all these Plunkett haters hilarious. Just because even though his articles are quite pithy and short I actually rarely know the content beforehand. What I mean is: Everybody seems buttmad that these posts aren't long multi-paragraph analytical journalism, while I'm simply happy to learn something new.

      I would rather he put some effort into writing his articles, but choice of stories is, on the whole, pretty good. The hate is absurd.

    Interesting stuff, thanks for letting us know about the spelling mistakes in credits, I never would have even thought someone read them, but hey what do I know?

    Also, this is funny stuff guys, why so much Luke hate? At least it's better than a 2 line article that he used to put up ALL the time

    You know it could always be a case of not having the okay to put the company's name in the movie? So they altered it a bit...? Like they do with Futurama and The Simpsons? I mean, I doubt it's the case, but you never know...


    I can think of worse jobs than reading movie credits.

      Some people's names are pretty funny.

      And hey, if you're proof-reading them, you can easily give yourself the credit for something awesome. ''Credit proof-reader and millionare playboy: Robert Johnson"

    I'm getting severely jealous that I can't just make my own shitty content and have it published under Game Journalism.

    Yeh I thought that scene was hilarious too! Definately a cool nod to gamers.

    And I agree Plunkett has to go. An article about a spelling mistake, and his articles are full of em. What a fukn hypocrite

    I think it's actually kind of odd that the credits for the biggest movie of the year (until Batman) could misspell a trademark.

    Apparently "kotaku" means "16 year old girl's blog" in japanese.

    This comment section is awful. We should try a new tact, "don't comment at all".

    I've not yet seen The Avengers, but I don't quite get the "of all games, Galaga is mentioned". Is Galaga not retro enough or something? It was a staple recipient (among others) of my 20 cent pieces growing up.

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