The Final Fantasy VII That Could’ve Been

Most modern-day gamers know or at least know of Final Fantasy 7. The monster hit that single-handedly brought the PlayStation into the foreground and secured its place for years to come. Now, 15 years after its initial release, director Yoshinori Kitase has released some of the few remaining development notes to the Weekly Famitsu.

Among the development notes, mostly consisting of rough sketches and storyboards, are some preliminary plot notes with some ideas that were never used in the game. One such plot note covers details about meeting the character Yuffie Kisaragi. The following is a translation of the plot notes:

*Initial Plot* About Yuffie (Prep) From the opening and forward, wanted posters for Yuffie can be seen in town here and there. Yuffie is a fugitive. Her age and what she looks like is different for each poster.

(How to make her join) Random encounter. Or, she will attack Cloud when he is sleeping in an inn. Either event can happen anywhere.

(Any time) From this point, Yuffie can be recruited at any time. The Wutai event requires Yuffie and therefore, she must be recruited in order to complete the Wutai event. What Yuffie looks like (and her level) is determined when she first joins. (This is based on the last wanted poster that was viewed) Therefore, by selectively choosing which wanted poster you look at last, you can recruit the Yuffie that suits your liking. *end*

Sadly, there were no rough sketches for the different Yuffie styles (Or anything on the potential resurrection of Aerith for that matter). Still, it's an interesting look at some of the ideas that went into the game and what might have been.

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    What part of "She was always meant to die" don't you guys get?

      The part where we can kill her repeatedly in battle but a phoenix down later she's up and ready to die again, then cut scene and suddenly there is no Phoenix Down big enough.

        Video game logic doesn't work like that. Max Payne can take a thousand bullets (and shrug it all off with a painkiller or two), but the only ones that leave visible scarring (if that) are ones he receives in cutscenes. Commander Shepard can die during gameplay if you allow him to (and you can choose to retry, like nearly any other game out there), but the only time he actually died in Mass Effect 2 was during a cutscene (he got better, but not through the retrying of a section of gameplay).

        This logic is prevalent in nearly any video game you care to mention. The Final Fantasy series is not special in this regard. And frankly, if the developers state that a particular character was always meant to die, attempting to argue by pointing out gameplay mechanics (such as Phoenix Downs) does not change the fact that you are wrong and they are right.

    FFVII and FFVIII are the only two reasons I bring myself to try and play the new Final Fantasy releases.

      Same for me but I include VI in that list.
      I never liked or enjoyed any of the Final fantasies after VIII nearly as much as I did those three.

      Still, that would've been a really cool feature, to have four different possible yuffies. Would've been interesting to see how it would've been handled in all the stuff that takes place after VII.

    Aeris death was the best thing that happened in that game.

    They should make a new FF with the ATB battle system, airahips and a world map to explore.

    Certainly a interesting mechanic they had there. I'd love to see this utilised in a future RPG (although with the Final Fantasy series' movement towards heavily tailored and defined characters, I don't know how well it would fit into a main FF game).

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