This Game Turns 'Engrish' Into An Art Form

Onechanbara Z Kagura on the Xbox 360 is a bucket of over-the-top hilarity complete with swords, chainsaws, zombies, demons, jiggle physics, the jabberwocky, vampires, bikinis and of course, vampires in bikinis. But nothing exemplifies the core of what Onechanbara Z is better than Kagura's collection of pre-arsekicking one-liners.

At the beginning of nearly every boss battle, she strikes a pose and fires one off. Of course, doing this in Japanese just wouldn't be cool enough, so Kagura says her final taunts in Google translate-level "Engrish". The results are as stunning as they are hilarious.

The complete collection of Kagura's one-liners has been posted above for your enjoyment. But as you watch, I invite you to ponder along with me: Are these one-liners really the result of someone with a loose knowledge of grade-school level English and a Japanese/English dictionary? Or — given how much this game embraces its B-grade, Japanese zombie film roots — is it written in terrible Engrish like this on purpose?

Onechanbara Z Kagura was released on January 19, 2012 for the Xbox 360. There are currently no plans for a Western release (and the game is region locked to Japanese consoles).


    I'd say it's the same reason you can find random dodgy english on t-shirts and in J-pop - English is fashionable over there, it doesn't have to make sense to look or sound cool.

    I bought the previous version in Japan years ago but since it was region locked I never got play it. :(

    See i've never understood these games - it's a genre i just don't seem to be able to comprehend.

    If you want violence, you play an action game, or maybe a shooter, or maybe an RPG with a lot of action.

    If you want to be a bit more thinky, you play a turn based strategy game, an RTS or maybe a different type of roleplay game.

    If you want some wonderment and immersion you play an open-world game, or an MMO.

    If you want sex you... well, it just seems like it doesn't make sense to play a game to me...

    I guess i can kinda see that you're controlling the hottie, so... i mean i guess that's like a power trip?

    Wouldn't it be easier to just watch porn?

      what if you want a bit of all of them?

    It really looks like they spent alot of time on them jiggle psychics.

      So.... Hypnotic.....

    As utterly impractical as it is, I love that outfit. Oh yeah, the nonsense engrish is pretty funny too.

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