Vita Has Some Free Apps You Won't Care About

Back when the PlayStation Vita launched in February, Mark and I had a head-to-head chat about it and decided it wasn't much chop. I passed mine on to a 10-year old, while Mark lost his somewhere in the midden of free games and general rubbish he chooses to call a desk. Somehow, I don't think the three new "Discovery Apps" Sony has just announced for the platform will inspire him to dig it out again.

Here's the official press gumpf:

In Travel Bug, players create and personalise their very own bug which is given a travel-based mission to complete. Your bug can take “travel snaps” on its journey and you can track its whereabouts on an interactive map. This innovative application also invites you to compete against friends to reach destinations first – all tracked via the “near” application.

Take on a divine role in Ecolibrium, an imaginative eco-system simulator where the aim is to maintain harmony within your own created environment. If the environment becomes unbalanced, species in your eco-system must be fed manually until you have restored balance and created the optimum environment for your animals and plants. Users can collect different species and trade them with other PS Vita users using “near”.

If you are feeling musical then give Imaginstruments a try. Imaginstruments is an ‘imaginary instrument’ application designed from the ground up around the myriad of PS Vita inputs. Players can play drums, guitar, theremin, and even the violin. Once each imaginstrument has been mastered players can record their tracks and share with other players.

So two things filled with insects and a mini-Garage Band. Hold me back! Even if you are somehow excited, don't be: the titles are not out yet, though Sony says they will be available "in the coming months".


    Ecolibrium sounds like it might be allright.

    Shame NEAR doesn't fucking work. I registered all my MAC addresses with skyhook and nothing. And it won't work at university either. 3DS might only scan in a 3m radius, but at least it fucking works..

      You need to do a backup to pc/ps3 and do a restore. I had the same problem after my MAC address was registered but it worked after I did that.

      You registered the mac address of your router... Right?

    I really hope Sony shows off some cool shit for the Vita @ E3 this year. Mine is steadily collecting dust, along side my 3DS.

    I think kotaku must run on po-troll-ium

    Not really a big fan of the tone of this article or the headline. Maybe you could let people make up their own minds about whether they will like something and just report on if you liked it yourself (maybe after playing the apps....)


      Kotakua is steady turning from a videogames news blog into a videogames opinion blog. Readers can make there own opinions, it's not a journalists job to push opinions down our throats. The only time we care about opinions is when you right reviews, because that is the whole point.

      If these apps are shit then I'm sure that we would make that opinion about it. They seems quite interesting and unique (except maybe the music one) and look like they are at least worth a look. But you will never ever know if you never ever go...

    I'm really enjoying my Vita. Sounds like I'm in the minority. Oh well.

      As am I.
      I like how Angus assumes everyone holds the same opinion he does.

    You know what would make me pick up my Vita again, having the option to play all my PS3 games like Sony had showed off at last years Tokyo Games Show.

    Implement this and i would probably never put it down again.

    You know, coming here for vita news seems more and more like a waste of time, not because there is no news but because of the biased negative assholes who write shitty articles like this.

      I totally agree. I think I'm gonna go ahead and unsubscribe from their daily email updates thing, they haven't really sent me a good article in a long time. I use my Vita literally every single day, no exceptions- on most of my off days I'm on the thing morning to night, it's replaced my gaming PC as my game system of choice. The fact that the idiot who wrote this article gave his Vita to a 10 year old just shows that he isn't a handheld gamer at all and should shut up about the Vita.

    What's a vita???

    Trust a hater to hate on a "free" app that isn't even out yet.

    Ironic that he even got the Vita for free, at least he had the decency to play around with that before bashing it. I feel the same as the other posters here.
    One of my biggest dislikes about the gaming community are people who review games that they haven't even finished, even demo sometimes and this article feels extremely close to that.

    your wrong, i do care about this stuff, for 1. more stuff for the vita, 2 . free stuff so whats not to love, and 3 . they look/sound really good, stupid Post, why not put some nice comments, and if you don't like the vita, don't write posts this way this way, leave them to someone who enjoys the vita

    Everyone's right. i like my vita, i like hearing things about the vita. i don't want to be told not to be excited about content for it; that's fucked. This article sucks and usually i'd hold back from saying so because you can either read it or not read it or outright ignore it because it's, ultimately, free content on the internet that you may or may not be interested in. just don't call it journalism.

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