When Diablo III Doesn't Speak Your Language

You will get online. It will happen. All these launch Diablo III troubles will vanish. But when they do, there could still be a group of players who are screwed.

Diablo III, you see, does not speak their language. Meet Error 84.

Blizzard decided not to allow players the ability to change their language and instead released the game with language locks. That means that players who live in Asia must currently play the game in their region's lingo.

When players attempt to download, say, an English client, Diablo III gives this message: "The client does not match the account's native language. Please use the game's original client. (Error_84)"

Blizzard players living outside English speaking countries will be familiar with this. Blizzard separates its games on various servers across the globe, grouping them by region and language.

As Sunberry on the Battle.net forums pointed out, Diablo III is apparently locked to Traditional Chinese, even for some players who live in Mainland China (as well as Hong Kong) and who use Simplified Chinese. Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are not the same.

What's more, there are many players who live in Asia and might not be proficient enough in the local language. Or maybe they'd just rather play in their native tongue. For those, they should pick up the international version of the game so they don't end up with a language they don't want to play in. That doesn't help those who purchased the digital version before launch.

Blizzard obviously blocked English on local editions, which are priced less due to the exchange rate. Shame players in those regions feel like they're being pushed for language proficiency — or lack thereof.



    Anyone else find this rather discriminatory?

    Blizzard is getting ripped a new one by Kotaku - Loving it!

    Grindin' my axe, grind grind grind!

    Lol itz a 5 hour game

      Not sure what game your playing mate, but ive been going hard with 3 mates since launch have played 15 hours on my main and still just chillin on ACT 3.
      Sure i spose if i only did the main quest and didnt bother exploring or looking for loot, or secrets or ENJOYING myself then yeah, maybe 5 hours.

      if you rush through only doing main quest things maybe 5 hours. I dunno. I'm 3 hours in and still on act 1.

      5 hour story x 5 classes x 3 difficulty settings = 75 hours of content.
      Add in random quests & that number goes up again.

      You need to stop trying to act smart from reading shit about korean rushing the game. 8 hours in on act 1 alone for me. Enjoying every single corner of the map and never missed a single event.

    Well, since Brian doesn't bother to check anything, I thought I will. Changed my language to Polish and now diablo 3 is reinstalling itself in a language I don't understand! Weeeeeeeeee

      update: logging on to battle.net, I can download the client in any region with multiple languages offered in many. SEA limits me to english though. However, Simplified Chinese was a choice in my language selector in the game (I figured I had a better chance of restoring my english version from polish though).

      My Polish download is nearly playable... hopefully I can report back before I have to go to work (one that does not involve reposting from forums without any due process!)

        final update: At Pozostalo Do Pobrania: 1.56 GB (452 KB/S) I was able to click Graj! and launch the client. Logged on fine, loaded my character and had a good chat (I think?!?!?) with decard cain.

        If only we knew someone with journalistic credentials who could contact blizzard and actually get to the bottom of this?!?!?!? Anyone?

    Oh I think a few law suits and a call of racism will fix this in no time. In fact I'm surprised the blizzard legal team let it happen.

    All of a sudden moving to Amsterdam seems a bad idea...

    I was always raised that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. Kotaku never got that memo...

    All these error posts should be Discussed at the Blizzard forums instead of on this slag heap. Scrub that, it wasn't nice...

    Kotaku vs diablo 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhwYwIgkGjY&feature=player_embedded

    English motherf**ker! You don't speak it!
    Error 84

    I'm stuck in S. Korea and I can't understand anything. :C

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