Error 82: Blizzard Forcing Users To Play In Their ‘Native’ Language

Error 82: Blizzard Forcing Users To Play In Their ‘Native’ Language

Error 37. Error 3003. Error… well, you get the idea. Diablo III‘s less than helpful approach to troubleshooting has seen Blizzard cop a fair bit of flak since the game’s release. Now, in the last 24 hours, Error 82 has made an appearance, confounding many international users who are no longer able to use their keys to play the game in their language of choice… which isn’t necessarily their native one.

As outlined by user “RodrigoMF” in this 39-page thread of disgruntled gamers from Spain, Russia and Portugal, among other countries, those who purchased a key for Diablo III in their native language have suddenly found themselves unable to use it:

It seems that as of today (Jun 8th, 2012), is imposing regional language restrictions, forcing players to play Diablo 3 in their “native client language”.

Upon login, players running Diablo 3 on a language different from their region are being prompted with Errors 81, 82 or 84. All of them read as follows: “The client does not match the accounts native language. Please, use the game native client”.

Blizzard responded to the backlash with the following post:

If you are experiencing an error 81, 82, 83 or 84 when trying to log in to the game, it’s possible that you are attempting to log in using a language that you are not authorized to use. The Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese versions of Diablo III are among some of the versions that can be language-limited.

Your game language and interface will remain the same when you change regions. If you purchased the full-language version of Diablo III, you will be able to play in all available languages in all regions. To play in a different language, you will first need to download the Diablo III game client for that language from

Essentially, language limited keys can only be used with game clients of that language. Previously, a player could use their key with any game client.

From what I can gather, the issue is that international players who want to play the game in English, say, because they’re unsatisfied with the translations in their native version, no longer have this option, despite it being available hours before. It’s important to note the change does not stop players from connecting to servers in other regions, as outlined in the game’s Global Play FAQ.

I guessing Blizzard made the change to combat the sale of discount Russian-language keys online, though it’s odd it made the change now, rather than before release. StarCraft II already imposes this restriction, so it’s hard for the developer to use the technology excuse.

It’s unlikely to affect local players — unless you happened to purchase such a key — but let us know if you’ve seen the error.

[Thanks Cameron for the tip!]


  • I’ve got Korean friends in Australia who prefer their games like SC2 to be in korean, as well as D3, this surely is starting to border on discrimination?

  • Because our closest server is SEA we’re not going to be forced to go with Asian languages are we?

  • Well, blizzard claimed that “the technology isn’t there yet” to justify the lack of LAN in SC2, so I don’t think they’re going to let common sense stand in the way of their excuses.

    • Because LAN games from the early 90’s didn’t use technology , they ran on a digital black magic that routed the data through Satan’s rectum to the connected PC’s. Didn’t you know?

    • “Well, blizzard claimed that “the technology isn’t there yet” to justify the lack of LAN in SC2, so I don’t think they’re going to let common sense stand in the way of their excuses.”

      If it were any other company, I’d think you were joking. Blizzard… what happened to you guys?

  • What business is it of Blizzards to dictate what language people use in playing a game they PAID for? They’re becoming more and more of a control freak each day.

    • WHO cares if the Europeans can’t play in their many many native languages?
      This is Kotaku Australia is it not?

      • um, lots of people, cos even if it doesn’t affect us directly it’s still a dick move by Blizzard

      • I’ll agree with Victor here. I’m not really going to pretend to be angry or be that bothered as the issue doesnt really have anything to do with us just yet.

        • I agree, why should we stand up for injustices against others when we personally aren’t affected.


        • Thats a very “Aussie” attitude. “Who cares it doesn’t effect me”, or “someone else will fix it/stand up for whats right”.
          I guess thats why most Australians have no empathy towards refugees.

      • Ignoring something just because it doesn’t affect you is a pretty arse of a thing to do. One day, something will affect you in a negative way and you’ll want everyone to care. Ok let’s say for a moment you couldn’t give a crap. Fine – but think about it this way. If people let this slide, it gives blizzard leeway to do other dick things in the future, dick things that WILL affect you.

          • So people should drop everything and care because people are forced to play a game in their native tongue instead of being able to play in another language. God Sorry, my bad, its the end of the world as we know it.
            You tell me whats worse, ignoring this petty pathetic issue, or ragging on a company who sells a product to MAKE PROFIT for every tiny little issue that people have with their product. Quit the crying and just don’t buy the damn thing.

            This is what drives people like myself to ignore these issues. Because all they ever end up being, is a bunch of people crying about how they can’t have everything they want and the company should burn in hell for this.

            And Calling this an ‘injustice’. Grow up.

          • How can you not buy it when they made this change AFTER you had bought it?

            Its people like you that have caused corporations to gain the power that they already have.

          • hi.. i was born in from germany and when i still used to live there i always bought the english version of a game instead of the german translation. not only because the german version is usually cut of the gore but because quite often the translation makes a lot of cool sounding action banter in english sound ridiculous in german . (like for example in sc2) . so blizzards move is an atmosphere killer, for people who think like me . they make a lot of peoples game-experience less enjoyable.

        • Cooper, did you just

          a) Compare a Diablo error to being a refugee as a ‘real’ problem vs one that isn’t?
          b) Claim that refugees are ‘braking’ the law?
          c) Neither of the above.

          If a) or b) kindly post your name and address so you can have some personal attitude correction undertaken, free of charge.

          If c) pls explane kthx

        • Refugees aren’t “braking” any laws, in fact, international law is on their side. It’s Australia that’s violating UN treaties. Maybe considering knowing what you’re talking about.

        • Regionalization is stupid and immature as a business practice. Sell it for a decent price and only support customers who pay for the product with say freebies like extra loot.

  • Vote with your wallets and don’t buy Blizzard games until they stop this kind of behaviour. I wrote to them outlining why I haven’t bought Starcraft 2, why I wouldn’t be buying Diablo 3, and why I was canceling my WoW account (because of lack of LAN play which was a core component of every single release up to that point). They took 4 weeks to respond, and their response was “We feel that this is the best way to stop piracy.”
    Lots of people believed their spiel about wanting to stop hackers getting free items in D3, but the reality is that it’s always online because they don’t trust their own customers. The language problem is further proof of that.

      • I believe he’s saying he didn’t buy Starcraft 2 and diablo 3 becausevthey both lacked LAN play something prior versions supported. Then he also cancelled his WOW account because he didn’t want to support blizzard at all after they told him he was piratical scum despite buying all their previous products.

  • Sorry for the bad wording. Of course I don’t want LAN play in WoW but I’m not interested in supporting a company that doesn’t trust its customers.

    • I agree that it would be nice for a consumer to be trusted, but in all honesty can you see that by removing their restrictions the bad seeds are going to cause trouble. It’s similar to saying I won’t shop at EB because they have cameras and the drawer to the till is locked. These restrictions are in place to secure the system because not everyone is honest and some people will do whatever they can to either cause problems or get ahead at the cost of the producer. Whilst they may screw over legitimate consumers, they are in place to protect those consumers.
      That being said, I applaud your non purchase and writing to Blizzard, if more people bothered to do something, changes might be initiated.

      • In no way is this the same as EB having locks on the till, its more like EB has locks on the till and then sends someone home with you to stand behind you the entire time you play while randomly unplugging your computer.

      • Cameras and locks on the till don’t in any way impede legitimate users. Not the best analogy there.

        • Indeed. Cameras and locks stop THIEVES. DRM has been proven 100% to only stop legitimate users. Pirates? Why, they crack the DRM and get rid of it and enjoy the program DRM FREE! Again to paraphrase dainbramage a bit more bluntly:

          Shit analogy ya got there bro.

  • If the situation is that people who bought keys which were advertised as language limited are actually now language limited, I don’t see the problem, even if they had the ability to use all languages for a time. The issue is of course different if the keys were not advertised as language limited.

  • Before everyone starts complaining…. i guess im a bit late then

    this is done to prevent westerners to buy cheap russian keys and play elsewhere; i think its just being poorly executed.

    • Yep.

      I bought it from USA and already saved $$ from the local version.
      Why anyone would buy local is beyond me.

    • I think doing this after the fact is a bit rich though. If they wanted to do this it should have been this way on release day and written on the box of all the Russian copies.

    • But why should we support their attempts to artificially separate those markets? Isn’t globalisation meant to be a good thing?

      • because blizzard sells games in Russia and other countries well below the US/EU/UK/AUS price… they generally take a hit to their bottom line as a result. They don’t charge full price because far fewer people can afford it at USRP or EURP.

  • And the fanboys continue to support and defend this clearly screwed up game. Come on people wake up. Forced online single player that does nothing to prevent player accounts being hacked, real money AH, forced language restrictions based on reagon….Christ. What is wrong with you people?

    How can you support this POS IP?

    • You do realise that DRM has nothing to do with the prevention of account hacking, right? Also, without the RMAH people would still be selling shit on Ebay/Other auction sites, so why is it suddenly a bad thing for Blizzard to want to control something that happens in their game?

      I’m not attempting to defend Blizzard a whole lot as they have done things that I’ve not been a big fan of…But for christ sake, think about this before spouting your pathetic hate nonsense.

    • You do realise that DRM has nothing to do with the prevention of account hacking, right? Also, without the RMAH people would still be selling shit on Ebay/Other auction sites, so why is it suddenly a bad thing for Blizzard to want to control something that happens in their game?

      I’m not attempting to defend Blizzard a whole lot as they have done things that I’ve not been a big fan of…But for christ sake, think about this before spouting your hate.

      • I came up with a long winded reply. It really can be summed up like this.
        Blizzard stated the DRM was to help prevent hacking.
        Real money auction house should be restricted to those with a multiplayer account. If you play single player off line then you do not need an ah. I just find the whole solo player being treated like a hacker, pirate or whatever a little hard to swallow.

        So there. /raspberry

  • Pity I bought this game before I decided not to play it..
    Even if I did enjoy playing the game, farming Inferno for level 51 blues gets old real fast..

    I already got a cheap key and got my $20 worth , there is nothing left to enjoy in this game, unless I want to save 100mil to buy a decent piece of gear..

    Everything about this game is a joke..

  • I got a better idea, how about shutting the whole thing down. that way blizz can crawl back up it’s ass with this “game”<—–(and call it a "game" is a joke too)

  • to answer why buy local..
    because its cheap, and blizzards own employee said itd work.. why go for cheap ? because some of us cannot afford to buy the other versions.
    in my country the average wAGE is 18 dollars a month.. you think we can buy a game worth 60 dollars ? so when i saw blizzards blue post saying we can play in any language.. i bought the keys for 30 dollars..
    is that a crime ? sue me.. i wouldnt have bought it if blizzards employee hadnt told me it would work..
    and lets be honest.. how many of you really read the whole faq list ?
    so this thing here is 10% our fault 90% blizzards lie.. they even said we are sorry to create the confusion.. which proves they agreed they produced confusion that led to many players bying this game..
    i called blizzard.. for a refund. or unbinding of my key.. they said ur key cant be unbind.. it will be destroyed.. they treated me like i used a stolen key which wasnt their property at all..
    this is wrong marketing and fake advertisement.. i plea the gaming community, those who got effected and also those who didnot.. lets stand together on this issue and show them that we are strong community and you cannot govern us with your lies

    • Some Arab countries dont allow women to drive or leave the house unattended. Its nearly impossible to get citizenship in Japan as a foreigner. Mexico is in the middle of a massive drug war. And yet Australians are some of the worst people in the world because of a few bad tourists? Fuck off mate.

  • The only advantage i see here is it may make it difficult for hackers on your acount (pending where thye are from (not sterotyping))

  • My friend bought a RU key, because it is cheaper and because blizzard said that global keys could be used with any language, in any region.
    So now my friend can’t play unless he reinstalls the game in russian (LOL).
    What worries me even more is that the people in RU are forced to play the game in russian instead of being able to play in english. Localized version always suck and they are now forced to play a shitty dubbed game.
    Blizzard should remove language restriction.

  • Out of the goodness of their hearts, Blizzard now offers an upgrade function. Sadly, they don’t seem to understand what “upgrade” means since you can “upgrade” by buying a new CE version.

    • blizzard have screwed over alot of people….they said any client would work previously and are now changing their tune…people brought keys on the basis that they could play in the language of choice…most often english…its called betraying customers trust.. and its most definately wrong

      people care about this because they shouldnt be allowed to get away with it…you wouldnt like it if a game previously told you could play in english and then suddenly only allowed you to play in spanish or something

    • I would like to say that we are the ones standing up for our rights and being tough, you are the submissive “Let the companies do as they please”

  • Just like the last time this was reported, this is not news. There are two versions of Diablo 3 available in several foreign language markets, including China and some areas of Europe. There’s an unrestricted version that allows all languages and all regions and costs full price, and there’s a restricted version that is intended specifically for particular countries or areas, has locked-in language choices and is notably cheaper.

    The people who are currently experiencing language-locking bought the cheaper version, on which the language restrictions were clearly advertised on the box. The reason they’ve been able to play in other languages thus far was a bug, which Blizzard has now fixed. This is not a case of Blizzard screwing anyone over, this is a case of people buying a cheaper limited product, taking advantage of the fact it wasn’t actually limited due to a bug, and complaining now that the bug is fixed.

  • There is always a risk when buying cd keys. This time you got burnt, chalk it up to experience & move on.

  • I hope Blizzard shuts this website down, it clearly is designed to spread false infomation about their products that no doubt is costing them thousands, if not millions.

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