Zynga’s Next Big Game Sounds Like A Farmville Sequel

Zynga’s Next Big Game Sounds Like A Farmville Sequel

Zynga’s next big Facebook game is an improved version of FarmVille currently beta testing under the name Big Harvest, reports TechCrunch. The source says the game is being tested out in the Phillippines.

Zynga replied to TechCrunch’s inquiry with a standard no comment that neither confirmed nor denied the project. The game, according to screenshots spreading now on the web (above), looks to feature improved, three-dimensional graphics. TechCrunch described other gameplay changes, including turning harvested crops into livestock feed and using products raised from the dairy to make food items.

TechCrunch points out it could be a risky bet, however, as the last time Zynga tried a sequel-Mafia Wars 2 — it siphoned off the original’s biggest-paying customers and didn’t manage to hold on to them. FarmVille is the company’s biggest moneymaker — by a country mile (zing!), so tinkering with its audience carries about as much risk as reward.

There are more details at the link, but no word on when this will roll out and bomb us all with Facebook requests.

Zynga’s Next Cash Cow? FarmVille Sequel Spotted Under the Name ‘Big Harvest’ [TechCrunch]


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