A Game For Matthew Reilly’s Scarecrow?

A Game For Matthew Reilly’s Scarecrow?

International bounty hunters chase a target across the globe on the orders of a shadowy council of 12 businessmen, billionaires and defence interests that want to plunge the earth into a new cold war. That’s a teaser of Matthew Reilly’s 2003 book, Scarecrow, and he wants to see it made into a video game.

It’s no secret that Australian author Reilly has sold many of his books to Hollywood studios for a handsome sum. His 2004-book Hovercar Racer was sold to a little start-up called Disney for a million bucks, for example.

Other projects have also been optioned as TV shows but one of his favourite works, the 2003 book, Scarecrow, has recently had its option expire — meaning nobody bought it. Following the expiration, Reilly’s now looking elsewhere to get the book made into a visual blockbuster, teaming up with a figurine and merchandise production company in the US to pitch the book at game studios.

“I’ve sold Hovercar Racer to Disney and Seven Wonders to ABC in the US, and with those rights go the video game rights, but the Scarecrow film rights have just come back to me. The option on those has expired, and I wouldn’t mind going direct to a video game company and getting a game made,” he told a packed house at Supanova Sydney yesterday afternoon, adding that any such project would have his blessing.

“I’d love to see it. The books would work very, very well as video games.”

Time will tell if a studio picks up the Aussie author’s work to be the next local success story, but it’s certainly a game I’d play.


      • They don’t call her Mother for any maternal instincts she may display. It’s short for Mother F***er.

        Matt Reilly novels are entertaining despite the absurdity and implausibility of the plots. Would love to see Ice Station as a game. Except we’d know what those damn French bastards were gonna do before they did it…

          • All French people are evil, in everything. Except French films, because they’re propaganda. Evil Frenchies, with their cigarettes, berets and silly language.

    • Yeah, you can’t have Scarecrow as a standalone story, otherwise certain incidents lack some emotional impact.

  • I loved Matthew Reilly as a teen but then realised his books are basically Michael Bay screenplays. Ice Station and Temple are still fun as hell but damn the recent ones… the Seven Wonders was basically a fusion of the worst and pulpiest of Indiana Jones and Star Wars. They even fly around in a ‘Millennium Falcon.’ Hovercar Racer was fun, even if it was a Speed Racer knock-off.

    • Have you read “Scarecrow” and “Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves”? They absolutely rocked. SatAoT may actually be his best work so far.

        • Is that a recent one? I haven’t picked anything up since the one with the crazy gorillas – the name eludes me.. I think I kind of agree with Steve

          • The novella featuring the gorillas was pretty terrible. I wrote that one off. Completely ignoring its existence.

          • I really liked Hell Island; not as good as the others, but that’s to be expected from a 100 or so page short story.

          • Hell Island.

            And yes, the Army of Thieves is his most recent Scarecrow novel.

    • I agree that they are essentially the equivalent of Michael Bay films. But they’re still damned enjoyable.

    • Have to agree with this.

      Love his earlier works, very entertaining but his more… recent books (Army of Thieves) its like he developed ADHD while writing the books… Getting a bit too much over the top. Bit like the use of the maghook or whatever its called 😛

  • He always says his books are written to be very visual, so I kind of buy the fact that they’d make servicable, if generic, games.

  • Do not want a game but would welcome movies based on any of his books. Hell the novels based around the Scarecrow character put all the bonds to shame imo. And whatever happened to the movie based on Hovercar Racer?

  • Scarecrow would work best as a COD clone, sure. But who wants another one of those? Ice Station and Area 7 would make fantastic games if you don’t confine them to the cinematic shooter archetype that Scarecrow does. Just the fact that the aforementioned are set in single locations would change the way you’d approach them – it wouldn’t be sensory overload; it’d be about filling out that environment in explicit detail and exploiting those details for 6-8 hours.

    Or they could turn Temple into the next Uncharted clone, whatever.

  • hmm likeable characters bat shit crazy set pieces and an established fan base among gamers and non gamers alike…….. I hope someone picks this up quick

  • Well he has certainly changed his tune. Around 3 or 4 years ago he visited my local Council for a talk and during Q & A at the end i asked him if he was interested in translating his stories over to games and he was adamantly against it. He was purely looking to the film option only. But now that has fallen through he’s all 100% behind a game company picking it up?! He must be desperate for more money………………………………………..but all things considered it would be an awesome move. I suggested at the time he talk to Hideo Kojima about it. (Metal Gear Solid)

  • I would prefer movies based on his books rather than games. In my opinion the earlier novels are much better or maybe it was just because I was younger at the time. Ice Station, Area 7, Contest and Temple are my favourites out of his books! Would love a horror/thriller Contest film.

  • ABC getting a hold of Seven Wonders? Personally, I would have preferred HBO, but you can’t get anything.

  • Matthew Reilly’s stories would be perfect for translation to a video game. Naughty Dog, pick up the license, eh?

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