Aussie Nintendo Store: Marvelous Pottery

Its all about the bargains this week! Sure there is two new games to check out but there is also a 20% off sale on some of the eShop's best selling titles. If you haven't picked some of these games up yet you might want to at a better price.

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Marvel Pinball (Zen Studios, $10.50) It's the brilliant Zen Pinball with a splash of Marvel paint. There's Iron Man, Captain America, Blade and Fantastic Four tables to shoot your silver balls around. Having said that, since when was Blade a Marvel property?

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Let’s Create! Pottery (Infinite Dreams, 500pts / $7.50) Yes a pottery game, on your Nintendo DSi or 3DS... about as exciting as mud.

Anniversary Sale Part 2

I can personally vouch for all of these titles except for the Minigolf one which I haven't played. If you don't have at least one of the below titles on your 3DS you might as well be playing with an abacus.

Dillon’s Rolling Western – $12.00 Freakyforms Your Creations, Alive! – $7.20 Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! -$6.00 Mighty Switch Force! – $7.20 Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins – $4.80


    Trust me, avoid the minigolf title. It's not exactly fun - they claim 54 different holes available for play - there's only really 18, with different configurations of hazards, but that's not even the biggest issue.

    If you don't make it to near the hole on the "tee" shot, you have to reshoot from the start.

    Here's a review that pretty much sums up the game:

      For the record, I liked it a little less than the reviewer did.

      I cannot agree with you more. Too bad I wasn't aware of this fact before I bought it sadly, this game was a total waste of my money since for all intents and purposes it isn't even a Mini Golf Game at all, more like a Mini Golf themed puzzle game. . .

    Blade has been a marvel property since they made him way back when.

    Heh, just got Zen Pinball 3D the other day as part of last week's sale. Marvel one seems so pricey in comparison :P

    In the meantime, gotta get another card so I can grab Mighty Switch Force and Dillon!

      Is Zen Pinball any good? The last digital pinball games I played were Pinball Dreams/Fantasies on the Amiga and I enjoyed the hell outta those, how does it stack up against these mighty classics?

        I'd say they are as good as Pinball Dreams. Slightly different focus but along the same vein as those kind of tables.

        Can't say so myself, but it came highly recommended from a friend who is an absolute VG pinball fiend.

    Whatever you do, don't look at the 3d screenshots of Marvel Pinball - Some duffer got the 3d backwards and it gave me a headache and eyestrain for like a whole minute! You've been warned.

      haha yes I saw this myself. so bad X(

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