Crossbows And Vampire Lords In Dawnguard Look Amazing In Action

Crossbows And Vampire Lords In Dawnguard Look Amazing In Action

If you were excited about Dawnguard, Skyrim’s first piece of DLC, before, wait until you see it in action. The video shows you the vampire lord transformation and the skills that come with it, including summoning a gargoyle, using “vampiric grip” to lift enemies in the air, melee attacks and shooting energy balls. It also shows a bit of the Vampire Lord perk tree.

The video also shows off how crossbows work and a bit of the mounted combat.

Part two of the video confirms new shouts for the DLC. Watch it here:


  • 1 No, ypou dont have to start a new character. Crossbows will work with the archery tree perks
    2.No. You gain vampire lord perks and werewolf perks by killing and feeding while in those forms.

  • So does the female vampire form exist or is it just generic form when you shift? (.like werewolf)

    • He/she doesn’t mean if crossbows are affected, he/she means of Dawnguard will be like that DLC for fallout 3, where you start a new character to play. But you’re right, you can play with your current character.

    • its ben like 6 days since the release for xbox and i cant fin a picture of the female form of the vampire lord could you send me a pic please i would help thx

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