Four Comics That Will Unmask You This Week

It's time to have a look at some new and incoming comics that are worth our attention. Be sure to chime in with the books you'll be picking up or that you think everybody should be reading in the comments.

Before Watchmen: Comedian #1 I wrote about the prequel problems that could hobble DC's Before Watchmen project. While the first two very good books fell into that follow-up trap, this first issue by Brian Azzarello and J.G. Jones does not. Azzarello inserts a thread of relatability in the continuity's most infamous character and the results feel surprisingly human. The great art by Jones doesn't parrot Dave Gibbon's style and feels apropos for the era it's bringing to life. Will definitely be checking out the rest of these.

Saga #4 I've been waiting for the characters on the cover for this issue of Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples' excellent science-fantasy series to come into the spotlight. I've loved the moments where The Will — the bounty hunter character chasing new parents Alana and Marko — has groused to his talking cat about his job and can't wait to learn more about the pair. I'm thinking these guys could be Saga's perpetual scene-stealers.

Astonishing X-Men #51 Superhero weddings can be big deals when they change a character's status quo, as they did with Superman and Spider-Man decades ago. Northstar's wedding to his longtime boyfriend probably won't be as earth-shattering in the X-Men mythos, but represents a sea change as far as portraying same-sex romances in superhero comics. Here's hoping the wedding doesn't get busted up by a bunch of super-villains.

Daredevil #14 I'm a longtime Daredevil fan who always loved it when Matt Murdock faced up against someone it seemed like he wasn't "supposed" to fight, like the Hulk or the Sub-Mariner. So the fact that this issue pits him against Doctor Doom — and revives a plot thread from a few issues back — makes me happy. Chris Samnee on art, formerly of the late, criminally overlooked The Mighty Thor book, also makes me happy. And that Paolo Riviera cover? With the rivets on Doom's faceplate re-interpreted as Braille? Genius.


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