Here’s How You Bring Superman And Batman Into World Of Warcraft

You might think that, with all the magically empowered warriors running around Azeroth, World of Warcraft doesn't need any appearances from the heroes from DC Comics. But damn if they don't look awesome.

Over at WoW Insider, there's a comprehensive guide to creating avatars that look a whole lot like the Man of Steel, the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder. What's really impressive about these tributes is how the souls of the character designs shine through without direct implementation of their iconic emblems and other details. Great stuff that I hope we get to see more of. Get cracking on a Black Lightning with removable afro helmet, please.

Man of Steel? Dark Knight? Transmogrifying DC's greatest superheroes

[WoW Insider]


    Really? That doesn't look like them at all :S

      Cause it infringes on copyright laws but i can see them .... batman, batwoman, robin, superman ... not that it will bring back to WoW, still creative atleast.

    Looking at Batman, seems like Iron man would have been a better choice

    "What’s really impressive about these tributes is how the souls of the character designs shine through"

    By souls, you mean.. colour palate? If so, sure... I guess?

    Speaking of Black Lightning, why is it that basically every black DC comics character has Electricity and/or Technology powers?
    Black Lightning, Black Vulcan, Static Shock, Cold Cast, Mister Terrific, Shango the Thunderer, Jakeem Thunder, Thunder, Lightning.

    Even on Marvel side, Storm and Volt are both electricity-based, and when Ultimate Spiderman became black, he gained Electricity powers too.

    Nice and all but I really wish blizzard would update the original character models. They are atrocious. Especially when placed next to any of the newer Worgen models though they could use work as well.

    Rogue Tier 13 actually looks like Batmans outfit but not it doesn't come in black only downside.

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