Iron Man? Nah, Let’s See Iron Woman

Iron Man? Nah, Let’s See Iron Woman

For some reason, unlike just about every other superhero there is, Tony Stark has never really had a female opposite number. An Iron Woman.

So it’s totally fair game for artists to step in and try to imagine what one would look like. I almost entirely like this effort, from SgtHK, because it’s almost all practicality, and very little token “sexiness”. Called Iron Maiden (cute), there’s no giant Iron Boobs, she’s not sticking her Iron Butt up in the air, that sort of thing.

I’m not really sold on the hair, though. Why wear all that armour if, five seconds into a fight the opponent can just grab your hair? That hurts.

Iron Maiden [SgtHK, via Fashionably Geek]



  • Awesome, up to the ponytail. Different colour scheme would be nice too! How about green, or blue, or black and gold? Pretty amazing model though.

  • What’s the point in a ponytail? Ask any woman and they’ll most likely tell you that trying to show off that look while keeping their hair out of all the gears and moving parts that would constantly be pulling wouldn’t be worth it.

    • Indeed, also I expect a Toni (Tanya? Antonia?) Stark – level intelligence would design the helmet to bind the hair tightly so pulling it won’t pull at the scalp.

  • Yeah, I agree, the hair was dumb, the outfit looks really feminine and powerful without it.

    • Mostly because it’s tailored- unlike some suits that just wouldn’t show a difference, the (modern) Iron Man suit is a pretty close fit.

      Can’t speak to the hair… if it were me, I’d have something back there that looked like hair but could be weaponized, like some kind of electrified hair-wires.

    • Think about it, from the looks of it the Iron Man suit is pretty form-fitting, so a suit for a woman will need to accommodate physical differences, ie height, shoulder and hip width, ect…

    • I must admit that I find it disturbing that there’ s a “Woman of Marvel”. It’s like Marvel came out and said “No, women really aren’t as good as a man when it comes to being a hero, so we’ll go ahead and give them this group to create stronger support for them instead of letting them be heroes, they’ll be female heroes!”

      God I hate that kind of thing, as long as the hero is awesome/cool, I don’t give a damn if it’s male or female.

  • i can understand the ponytail because without any hair – she looks like a bald chick.
    the helmet sculpt just isn’t feminine (enough?) without the ponytail.

    honestly, it needs more boobs.

  • Looks great, but the to all the comments regarding the ponytail, the artist obviously felt that there was no other way to distinguish that it’s actually a woman under the armour. Remove the ponytail, and it’s just a slightly more slender IronMan. Take for example, the Female Spartan you use in Dead Or Alive 4. If it weren’t for the voice over you’d assume it was Master Chief punching other girls in the face.

  • If China enforced male warriors to have long hair bound in a queue, I’m sure that a female fighter can have her hair in a ponytail, however impractical loose hair may be when flying at high speeds. It would be better if it were plaited really, just like a queue.

  • While “Rescue” already exists as a female equivelent to Iron Man in the Marvel universe (not a direct copy, different abilities and strengths) as a direct, alternate version, “Toni Stark”, it works pretty well. Although, I agree the ponytail probably isn’t necessary, although a bob or crew cut may be required for the helmet to work properly.

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