Iron Man? Nope, She's Iron Girl, And She'll Kick Your Face In

In Iron Girl, our metal heroine fights a group of outlaws known as the "Crazy Dogs" and she could be the "Iron Savoir" foretold by the prophets.

Adult film actress Kirara Asuka stars as Iron Girl. The flick also features Rina Akiyama from Kamen Rider Den-O. She might be familiar to Metal Gear Solid 3 players as she appeared in-game on a pin-up poster.

Iron Girl beats up Japanese cinemas in coming months.

"Iron Girl" Action Film Trailer Starring Kirara Asuka [JEFusion]


    am i the only one who thinks this is look a lot like a trailer for soft porn ?

    I get a feeling this film might not have as great of a story as I'm hoping it will.. At least I know it's gonna have a good actor in it! HENSHIN!

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