Meet The World's Greatest Communist Superhero

While the US has Captain America, China now has, uh, Captain China. Part of a secret "Super Human" project, he's Soviet pistol wielding, cytogenetically frozen super commie from the days of the Chinese Revolution.

So when President Obama visits China — to ask the Chinese for, I guess, money — who's there to protect the President from an assassination attempt? Why, Captain China.

Here's how the publisher describes it: "Captain China is a propaganda-styled comic series aimed at capturing the main-stream consciousness of China. The stories will reflect and give insight to China's current political stance, social environment, and cultural differences by blending complex characters, historical information, geographic locations, comic satire, and over-the-top explosive action!"

Well then!

The origin story is similar to Captain America's (the American superhero was also frozen for 50 years and carries a gun). But Captain China also has a helmet that makes him look like Iron Man from afar.

KindleComicBooks is digitally publishing the comic, which is available in both Chinese and English. KindleComicBooks' website is throwing up 404s, so there's not much information about the publisher. This isn't exactly Marvel, folks.

The comic is getting publicity in China, where it's being viewed more as an oddity (Communist superhero? L-O-L) than an actual, serious comic. Chinese sites note that this hero is riding on the coattails of The Avengers, while others aren't exactly thrilled with the character design or the comic itself. "This blows," wrote one Chinese net user.

But come on. Don't listen to the haters! We're all a little safer with the World's Greatest Communist Hero out there. Don't believe me? Check out some sample pages in the above gallery and rest easy, comrades.

Captain China [Amazon Thanks, Keng Hua!]


    Oh china.

    Interesting to analyse the American bias and subtext in this article. Reveals a lot about the author - and his audience.

    "hey china we need more money. Help us out bro!"
    "dammit America we already lent you trillions. Pay us back already"
    "nah how about just buy some more of our land"
    "we already own most of your national treasures..."
    "lol lets just wage a war then"


    As much as a like to read Gizmodo, Kotaku, and Lifehacker, there is a lot of American ass licking going on. Please stop.

      What's funny is that the world loves the oh so brave and handsome defender of rich capitalist warmongers Capitan America (or Capitan Usurper as I like to call him) , but a defender of a communist regime is called a joke.

      While I'm no commie, their as both as bad as each other but what makes the Americans worse is that they have the whole world believing they are the good guys. Ask yourself, why does the world hate the US? Your a fool if you say HURRR OUR FREEDOMZ LOL, because your country is a police state with bloated prisons and retarded laws to oppress the common people and make money for the rich. Keep thinking, there is a very blatant answer which I cannot comprehend why people cant seem to grasp.

        I'm guessing you have never lived in a developing nation (2nd world if you wish to use the old lingo). However, I have - and I have to say nothing irritates me more than listening to left-wing shit kickers like you bad mouth the FANTASTIC standard of living the western world provides.

        There is opportunity for ANYONE to make a living. Idiots like you argue about things you have never experienced - everyone knows the Western world isn't perfect, but fuck knows its better than the alternatives.

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