Mega Man Meets Adventure Time, And I Think My Heart Just Burst

Take a deep breath, people. Or your heart might implode from pure, awesome, megamatical delight. Also look how cute they look! Squeeeeeee. OK, I'm done. [Tumblr]


    picture is erroring out for me and keeps flickering in a way that looks like mega finn is trying to do rush jake from behind

      Just click on it, the preview doesn't work.

        I don't have epilepsy, but that still makes me want to seize.

    Erroring out for me, works fine when I click it and it comes out in the menu. It is flashing badly both in the thumb on the front page and on this one, might need to reupload it or something.

    Yeah hes positively bonking him! If only I had a screenrecorder lol

    Dear god, Tina they aren't working! My eyes, the goggles do nusinggg!

    Tina is my new favourite "least favourite article poster person"

      Perhaps Luke is just posting under Tina's name by accident?

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