MLB 2K12 Is Finally Getting Patched

Nearly three months after its release, Major League Baseball 2K12 got its first and possibly only title update yesterday, a development that leaves a few more tea leaves pointing to the end of the title.

The game went without a patch from its release on March 6, despite a few conspicuous bugs that aroused gamer complaint — most notably in the MLB Today mode that’s meant to serve up the real-world matchups and lineups in use that day. MLB Today Season, a new spinoff of that mode, has yet to work properly either.

The game went unpatched through April and May probably because of 2K Sports’ legal obligation not to alter the game during the $US1 Million Perfect Game Challenge. Why it took a month beyond that to roll out fixes is anyone’s guess — unless they’re only going to roll out one more patch for a game that has all but announced its conclusion with this year, and wanted to swat as many bugs as they could with it.

You can see all of the patch notes at the link below. The patch covers the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions

MLB 2K12 Update v 1.2 Patch Notes [MLB 2K12 on Facebook]


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