Old-School Robots Are Back In 3D On 3DS

Rocket Company has opened the official site for Medabots 7 Beetle/Stag Beetle Version on the 3DS. The game will be released on September 9 in Japan.

For those of you that have never heard of Medabots, the game was first released in 1997 and had its own TV anime series that aired from 1999 to 2000. The story revolved around Medabots (duh) — which were personal robots that could be customised to be your very own one of a kind robot — in a future-set world where duels between Medabots was considered a popular sport.

The official site is still under construction, and further information will be added in due time.

Official Medabots 7 Website



    Heh, I really can't wait for this! I loved Medabots, still do! I hope we see an official translation because if so, I am buying both versions of the game, regardless of any reviews.

    Attack mode Metabee!

    Loved Metabots back in the day. What I'd like to see in this, if the gameplay's anything like Custom Robo's , is to be able to do multiplayer with the ARG cards. Seems like it'd fun watching them fight and shoot across your desktop or a table

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