Once Crysis 3 Is Done, Crytek Will Be Working On Nothing But Free-to-Play Games

Crytek is building Warface, the studio's first freemium shooter, shown recently at E3. It's also going to deliver Crysis 3, a more traditional FPS, sometime in 2013. Whenever the studio finishes off its current committments, CEO Cevat Yerli told VideoGamer.com, it will be developing free-to-play games only.

Yerli considers DLC and premium gaming services, both of which Crysis 3 publisher Electronic Arts is very fond, to be "milking customers to death".

"Right now we are in the transitional phase of our company, transitioning from packaged goods games into an entirely free-to-play experience," he said to VideoGamer.com.

"I think this is a new breed of games that has to happen to change the landscape, and be the most user-friendly business model."

Yerli says top-flight games Crytek produces still require a $US10 to $US30 million budget, they'll just get an entry price point of, oh, zero dollars. Obviously, they'll be monetized through the sale of upgraded items. Is this really milking consumers any less? More of his thoughts on freemium model at the link below.

Crytek: All our future games will be free-to-play [VideoGamer.com]


    It's funny, I've always thought of free to play games as the epitome of "milking customers to death".

    That's kinda disappointing. Free-to-play games get more and more annoying each time I try one. It feels like I'm playing one big ad.

      I feel like I'm playing real life, where money gives you an advantage in everything you do yet everyone insists 'We'll never be pay to win' despite evidence to the contrary... so basically everything I play games to get away from. Woo! The future is now!
      *Plugs in Gamecube*

    Yeah... Hey, you leveled up! you can either save up for another 20 levels or just buy your next atachment!!!

    I'll save my cynicism for when we have details on the game.

    UltImately we'll still be paying for them. Free to play should more accurately be described as 'free to begin playing'. To get anywhere near the user experience you get with current games you'll end up forking out money, and probably the same if not more than you currently pay.

    It's great to see a big studio trying something new, i think free to play is certainly an option in the future, just look at television. I'm more than happy to watch a 30second ad every so often during loading screens and free to play could really curb piracy on PC and maybe make it a viable platform that companies would maybe consider making games for unlike the current pc which doesn't deliver enough to support a half assed port.

      Agreed and if done right f2p can work really well. Just so long as they don't pit f2p people directly against paying people

    I tried the Russian beta version, and I somehow managed to get into the tutorial and I think it will be pretty good. It's like COD and Battlefield with the Crysis spin. It is actually pretty immersive, I wouldn't dismiss this just yet, plus it's gonna be a beautiful game.

    So, HOMEFRONT 2 is cancelled then? Or it's free to play? ;)

    Does anyone even care anyway?

      Homefront 2, Crysis 3 and Ryse are still in development.
      Once they are completed then Crytek will go full free 2 play.

      I imagine they will continue to develop and licence their CryTek engine as a way of bringing in more money.

        ah, so it's another badly worded kotaku headline, as i imagine crysis 3 will be out before homefront 2.

    Make me sad I hate most free to play models some more commonly known as pay to win games

    This the precise reason i no longer look at or even consider paying 99c if the word "freemium" is uttered in a mobile game. Paying to win? Screw you before you screw me Crytek.


      yeah but runescape had a good free part that encouraged you to actually buy it. Its free stuff was more of a demo than a free to play game.

    What is the point of Free To Play if you need a souped up rig to run the thing! The thing about most FTP games is that they hit the broadest audience possible because just about any PC can run them!

    Another one bites the dust.

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