'Resident Evil?... Lost Planet?... Forget Them. You Know Dead Space 3 Is Going To Annihilate Them On Horror, Thrills And Action.'

I didn't say the quote in the headline here. The EA spokesperson who just sent me this screenshot from Dead Space 3 did. We'll have much more coverage of the game next week at E3.

But, you know... that was cold, EA rep. Cold like the planet in that game. I think you know the one I'm talking about.


    DS2 was , hmmm seen it all before .

    Didn't even bother finishing DS2.

    i like how they appear to be targeting capcom

    however, i'm really excited for DS3, 2 was an awesome game, but seeing as i've seen nothing of 3, i'm more hyped for resident evil 6

    Looks like Isaacs been rolling around in turds all day... but why a snow planet? I get going away from 'stuck in space floating around', but the snow planet thing is easily going to be compared to Lost Planet 1 and 2 now (not exactly setting the bar high granted) and co-op gameplay is going to kill the horror aspect...

      snowplanets could introduce a scary atmosphere of poor visibility and camouflaged monsters. Im sure there will be the familiar dark scenes underground and in spaceships however.

    The first two Dead Spaces have no horror and very few thrills so I'm a bit skeptical about that claim.

    Dead Space 3? why the hell did they close down the studio that made the freaking original then.....

      EA Redwood Shores became Visceral Games, which is still the same company making this one.

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