Resident Evil Restaurant Is 'Comig Soon'

Capcom, friend of bad spellers everywhere, wants you to know that a Resident Evil (née Biohazard) cafe is "comig soon" [sic] to Shibuya.

Opening July 13 at 11am, the Biohazard Cafe and Grill will offer RE fans a place to dine on their favourite zombie treats. The cafe, which will only be opened for a year, will be located on the seventh floor of Shibuya's Parco 1 and will also have limited edition Resident Evil items for sale.

As for the typo — hey, they happen, especially in foreign languages! It's worth noting that, according to Google search results, "comig soon" seems to be a relatively common typo in Japan. Also, while Capcom missed up the English, the Japanese is spot on.

初の公式RESTAURANT [Capcom via 4Gamer]


    T-Virus inbound!

    Unsurprising. There's already a chain of theme restaurants running along a similar theme (unhygenic hospital with cannabalism overtones). The game branding is just the icing on the cake.

    So it's a Biohazard café where they grill S.T.A.R.S?

    Brian Ashcraft, known bad user of English, wants you to know there's a new game coming called "Illusion Field", and "It’s Looks Like Final Fantasy, But With More Way More Nudity And Sex".

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