Six Billion Pounds Of Video Games Were Sold Last Year (And Other Weird Environmental Facts)

We often think of video games and hardware in terms of units sold, or money made. We don't usually think of them in terms of how much they weigh, or how much crap needs to be dug out of the ground to make them. Which is why this infographic is interesting reading.

Sure, this is yet another advertisement masquerading as education, but since this one is actually mildly educational, I'll let that slide. Especially since trying to think of 5555 Statues of Liberty all piled up somewhere has made my mind explode just a little.


    I'm all for recycling and not wasting resources - but I am really sick of this phony green washing propoganda.

    Sorry my 22" monitor is too small to view the side graphic if only there was a link to the full size version of it somewhere... That was the hint.

      There you are :)

      You can just right click on the image and open it in a new tab or window and it will be full size there.

        Thank you Twister and Fuzzy, it was late and I'm used to websites being designed so I can just click things and see them at full size.

    I love that this is from Big Fish Games, who do downloads on games. Trying to push yourselves as the green option, guys?

    My question is "Who in the hell throws away video games and consoles?"

    Does the electricity used leaving your computer on downloading games factor in? Their sources are from wikipedia.

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