Skyrim's DLC, Dawnguard, Released Tomorrow

Believe it or not, I actually had a dream that I was in Skyrim last night. It was a pretty good dream. Then I wake up to the news that Dawnguard, Skyrim's upcoming DLC is being released tomorrow? I AM A SOOTHSAYER.

According to the Bethblog, and you'd expect they'd have an idea, Dawnguard is coming out tomorrow on Xbox LIVE. Most likely we'll get it in Australia at around 9pm. You have to update your firmware to do it, so thank goodness the 360 is good at that sort of thing.

This could be the excuse I've been needing to spend more time in Skyrim. Anyone here planning to get it?


    I got all achievements for Skyrim. AND I NEVER GET ALL ACHIEVEMENTS FOR ANY GAME.

    I'm still pretty Skyrimmed out so I'll give Dawnguard a miss for a little bit.

      Yeeeeah I imagine being all rimmed out by the Dovahkin will do that to a man....

      Only one I didn't get was the Daedric item achievement. I didn't realise I had to kill my companion while his back was turned. Couldn't be bothered going back for it.

    I hate console exclusives, give me my Skyrim DLC!

    I just got back into skyrim after leaving it on the side for a couple if months but now I really am looking foward to dawnguard

    Isnt it out today? Tuesday the 26th?

      Maybe that's why they're using the past tense 'released' when referring to 'tomorrow' in the title.

    i have Skyrim on pc anc xbox i want to get this now but i want to play it with my mods on PC.

    Considering I haven't yet visited every major city in Skyrim, I don't think I need this.

    But I do need them crossbows. Gotta wait for PC release though.

      Not into sightseeing, McGarnical?

    Woah I've only clocked 16 hours and barely feel like I've scratched the surface of skyrim, might have to power through some mason story and give those fifty odd side quests a raincheck

      Might as well just play a heap more of the vanilla Skyrim in your own time and wait for a good sale on Dawnguard :3 If you've only done 16 hours then there is SO much more you can go out and do still without an expansion.

      Don't bother with DLC yet - you have so much ahead of you! It makes more sense to do a few more key storylines before getting into Dawnguard. Have you even battled vampires yet?! These are important things my friend.

    Hmmmmmm *cough* *cough* sick day anyone?

      Hmmm that can be arranged......

        enjoy your sick days guys ill at least be working before I play it in otherwords only got a 4 hour shift starting at 4 am hehe

    Dammit! I got so excited when I saw this headline... I thought Dawnguard was already out on 360, and that this was referring to PC :(

    Just got to level 50. Thief and Mage's College quest lines finished, partway through brotherhood, partway through Main story quests and haven't started Companions or Civil War quest lines. 155 hrs in, I'm willing to wait a few weeks and dig into Dawnguard when all that's left are misc quests...

    Pretty much the best game I've played in years :)

      I just hit 50 yesterday too. Huzzah!

    30 days from tomorrow (give or take) then PC and Ps3 is meant to get the content ..... 30 long slow days .....

    Do you guys know what time specifically we will be able to download this? Will it be in the morning?

    So wait.. We get the DLC on the 27th? Late in the day too? This is madness!

    i am sick of wating for dawnguard to be availble to dowload from the xbox marketplace is saids 9.00pm for australia you might as well say the 27th before you play it

    What time r we gonna b able to get it ??? I was told around the 9pm time in sydney

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