Skyrim DLC Is Called Dawnguard, Coming Soon

Skyrim's first piece of downloadable content, Dawnguard, will be out this (northern) summer for Xbox 360, publisher Bethesda said today.

Dawnguard, which Bethesda trademarked earlier this year, could refer to a museum located in the city of Dawnstar that is dedicated to the "Order of the Mythic Dawn."

A recent patch also hinted at potential future content such as frost elves and crossbow weapons.

Bethesda has promised that Skyrim's DLC will feel like expansion packs, so it's safe to expect a hefty amount of content in this release.

Although Bethesda has only announced Dawnguard for Xbox 360 so far, previous so-called "console exclusive" downloadable content from the publisher has made its way to other platforms on future dates. In other words, it could just be lagging on the PlayStation 3.

Update: Bethesda has confirmed that Dawnguard is a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360.

Dawnguard [Bethesda Blog]


    Glowing eyes...OooOo.

    I see arrows...But where's my brace of crossbow bolts?

    I should probably finish the original game first

      One does not simply "complete" Skyrim

    Of all the things I hate about this generation, time exclusives would have to rate pretty highly. It is soooo petty.

      Accepting massive bribes from Microsoft is petty?

        No. I think MS offering the money is petty. It's not really a brand advantage as "f-you for not buying our console."


    *deep breathe*


      as always you summed up my feelings quite nicely Mr. Barbarian

      however, now it can be changed to


    If this has crossbows then maybe I'll be buying another copy for Xbox. Just like every other bloody Bethesda game that has come out so far.

    wow so despite the fact there is no certification process fr steam like console I have to wait because ms paid for exclusivity again. its why I don't use my Xbox because I refuse to support a shit business model. shit from a consumer's standpoint.

      Business people are always going to do business things - no use worrying about it. Just game.

      thats funny you say you refuse to support a shit business when you admitted to having a xbox360 console haha. When you buy a console,game etc. I would assume it counts as supporting the product. i know , i know.... who would have thought right? I own 70 xbox360 games and all kinds of stuff for the system and i "dont support a shity business either". womp womp..

    Console exclusive? *sigh*

    If you're going to release a game on all platforms, don't make one have more content than the other. It just pisses off your fanbase and creates fanboy console fights.

    Hmm, I think the above 3 comments have misunderstood the term 'timed exclusive'... because it's a stupid term.

    In this case, what it means is that it'll be exclusive to Xbox for a certain time... and then will be released to others. The tweet from Bethesda says: "As mentioned before, the first content drops for Skyrim will be releasing exclusively on Xbox 360 before it’s available anywhere else." Ironically, Jason neglects to include the actual tweet in the article, even though many of his "pieces" are about as long as tweets. You'd think that having an excuse for shovelling in more content through copy-pasting would be perfect for him.

    Awesome! Been wondering when this will be released.

    What a waste of time a "timed exclusive" is for a multi-platform game.
    Seriously...what's the point?

      well then it wouldn't be an exclusive let alone timed. it would just be... extra content....

    How about a DLC that makes the combat not suck?

    Let's hope Nexus do us PC users proud and release a Dawnguard mod :)

    Seeing as the game was poorly ported to PC in the first place, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised when we have to wait for DLC as well.

    I want customise-able arrows! Not like how you put a bit of poison on the tip,
    but like, enchanted arrows!!! That'd be cool! O yes and some new shouts please.
    And if at all possible, a new meme to go with this new DLC.

    Hard to judge how long the timed exclusive is, as all Microsoft timed exclusives have been variable. Fallout 3 DLC was only planned for 360 at first, Fallout: New vegas was 2 months for the first DLC pack (due to it being over december-february period) whilst the second was one month. GTAIV the first DLC pack was not seen till over a year after the first pack was released, and then there's CoD which is a constant month exclusive. Pretty sure i read the first few packs were only signed to be a timed exclusive and if any more is released after it's simultaneous.

    Since at the moment it's announced for release between June-August with no set date, i'd say intial date for release would be towards the end of June for the 360, and Steam PSN release about a month later.

    No love for PC Gamers? Then again, I guess we get mods and they don't, so console love all around!

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