The Most Fashionable Badass Mecha On Earth

Louis Vuitton evokes images of pricey brand name goods, durable bags and high fashion. It does not evoke images of giant mecha, wielding giant swords. That, however, might change.

You are looking at a Gundam Astray Louis Vuitton mod. I never thought the LV monogram would work on a blade sheath. It does. It really, really does.

Defender of the universe? More like defender of haute couture.

PG 1/60 Gundam Astray LV [Louis Vuitton Ver.] [Gundam Guy]


    Pfft Louis Vuitton Gundam, like that's ever gonna work. You're never going to find me buying one of - OH MY GOD IT'S BEAUTIFUL I NEED IT.

    2 arms.. 4 swords?

      2 arms.... 6 swords... two on the back too

    The LV logo has a lot of similarity to period Japanese heraldic symbols, so it is logical to mix so well.

    I'd get this if I could afford LV prices, but I imagine this will be the first $200+ high grade ever. ;)

      Are you seriously trying to rationalise a LV logo on... a gundam?

        It can't be worse than 7-11. :P

          My 7-11 Gundam models are awesome, thank you very much!

    Clearly that mecha is new money if it's sporting LV. What's next a D&G or Gucci figure? Might as well complete the line up of cashed-up bogan-bots...

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