The Awesome Queen Of Gundam Cosplay

Gundam mecha aren't exactly easy to dress up as. It's tricky to reproduce that mecha armour — even tougher if you want to give it an original spin.

For a while now, Taiwanese cosplayer Ran has been doing both. Whether it's Gundam RX79 or MSΖ-006 ΖGundam, she puts her own spin on the giant mecha, with heavy weaponry and heavy doses of cool.



    It is nice to see some cos-play that isn't solely based on showing T&A. It amazes me how much effort goes into these type of things. I am waiting for the future when this type of suit isn't just make believe and is jammed full of cybernetics - bugger the augmented reality glasses, I want the Android powered android.

    Gundam Style!!

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