What If Game Of Thrones Was A, Um, Romantic Comedy?

It's a question whose answer I leave you with as I sign off for the night.

[via Neatorama]


    So Kotaku has literally become Plunkett's tumblr feed now? After he's done ripping off Rampaged Reality, it's just relinked youtube videos?

    It wasn't even particularly witty, the editing was atrocious, sound issues all over the place, wasn't even in a typical rom-com trailer format. Thumbs down.

      Haha good old Steve

    I agree. What's Luke's job again?

    It's not that good, bad audio, doesn't have the typical rom com music change, the graphics are bad.


    This is game related....how?

      *plays small violin*

        You will need to play it louder mate.
        That violin must be the worlds smallest. Such a tiny sound emanates from its sweet, sweet strings.

    Not a great spoof trailer, unfortunately. Not a good one at all.

    That was actually more entertaining than I expected.

    Oh sorry, I mean *insert post bashing here*.

    Haha good job Luke, don't listen to them, it's funny stuff. Keep it up.

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