New Game Of Thrones Trailer As Heavy On Story As It Is On Giant Necks

The upcoming Game of Thrones RPG would like to remind you there's more to it than music and combat. There's also a story, and dialogue, and sadly dialogue that isn't being spoken by the amazing James Cosmo.

Cosmo, who plays Jeor Mormont in HBO's Game of Thrones TV series, is one the best of a quality group of actors roped into the adaptation, so his presence in this game lends it an air of respectability.

One that almost every other character falls well short of. Seriously, if you didn't hear his voice and know already this was a Game of Thrones RPG, would you even know this was Westeros? It just looks like Generic Fantasy Game (of Thrones) RPG.


    It doesn't look terrible but at the same time it doesn't look faithfull to the series either...

    Jorah, you fuckwit.

      No, he's right. Jorah Mormont is voiced by Iain Glen, and Jeor Mormont (different character) is voiced by James Cosmo.

        You're off the case, McGarnical!

          Yeah Jeor Mormont is the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and is Jorah's father.

            Mostly known as "The Bear", so it's totally understandable you can read the books / watch the show, yet think Luke meant "Jorah".

              Still, fact checking before calling someone a f***wit is usually advised!

      Talk about one hell of a kneejerk reaction from a halfwit.

    Graphics are average, but my biggest concern is the voice acting, not only is it not very well delivered from the actors, but the sound quality seems shoddy too. :(

      Graphics look average in stills but I think they look pretty good in action. The game's got some style.

        I hope it's good.

    Its not even out yet and the graphics look out dated.

    Way to ruin a great series of books and a fantastic Tv series with this stupid outdated fucking pathetic game.

    Poor graphics don't mean anything if the gameplay isn't there...

    $60 million on one season and $6 on the game..?


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