When Super Smash Bros. Meets Soccer, Barabariball Happens

E3's said and done and Nintendo didn't even offer up so much as a teaser for a new Smash Bros. game. And Sony, well, they've got their All-Stars Battle Royale thing coming soon. But one indie creator's taking the multi-tiered madness of the mash-up fighting series into an intriguing sports-tinged direction.

A steady queue of players lined up for a shot at glory when Noah Sasso showed his in-development Barabariball at NYU's No Quarter exhibition a few weeks ago. The premise is simple: pick a character and be the first to score a certain amount of goals by dunking a ball into the opposing side's territory. When I interviewed him at the event, Sasso talked about how his love of Smash Bros. and other fighting games fuelled the ideas behind his 8-bit sports brawler.

I got to play Barabariball and it's definiitely full of that "one more time" quality that every good competitive game needs. Here's hoping Sasso finds a way to get his smash soccer creation out to a bigger audience.


    Smash Bros already met soccer. It was called Mario Smash Football on the Gamecube, and even had a sequel on the Wii called Mario Strikers Charged Football.

    The game looks cool and all, and while it's obviously drawn inspiration from smash bros it doesn't really look much like soccer....more like basketball if anything, or maybe even pong. So I don't know if "smash bros meets soccer" is really an adequate description.

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