When You Have The Mario Bros. For Fans, You Cannot Lose At Euro Soccer

In the wake of this week's Germany vs. Italy Euro 2012 match-up, there's one image that's making the rounds online in Japan: two of Italy's biggest fans cheering on their team. Italy defeated Germany 2-1, and we're left mesmerized by the GIF below, courtesy of SB Nation.

Pipe Dream: Super Mario Bros. Fans Rally Italy To Victory [SB Nation]


    Italy's star striker is Mario Balotelli This enormous dude http://resources1.news.com.au/images/2012/06/29/1226411/717261-mario-balotelli.jpg.

    Well "Super" Mario Balotelli is a cult hero, hence the costumes

    Germany: Hahaha. Yeah, nice try Italy but we still own your ass.

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