Zone Of The Enders Sparkles In HD

Zone of the Enders. Not Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima's most well-known work, but it's well-known enough (or Konami are desperate enough) to be getting a HD re-release. Here's the collection's E3 trailer.


    Ugh, can't wait. ZOE2 was one of the best titles on PS2 for me. Really can't wait to replay it in HD, even though I wish they'd do a little more than revamp a bunch of old franchises.

    Gasp! Cue nostalgia-goosebump at 43sec onwards. Go Dingo!
    That gets the metatron pumping. If you'll excuse me, I have to go and watch some ZOE2 clips on youtube now. Hooray for technology.

    I hope you all realise there is going to be a new Zone of the Enders prequel out soon too. Atleast I'm lead to believe so, I don't speak Japanese.

    And they say Japanese games are crap, phff. Show me just 1 western game that can approach ZOE in this genre.

    Even though i already own the 2 PS2 and GB rpg titles, i will get this day 1 :)

    When they announced this last year I was so excited. I played ZoE2 years ago on the PS2 while living overseas, then came back to Australia only to find there were no stores in or around Perth who even knew what I was talking about.
    I can't wait for this and it'll be a day 1 sale for me. I'm. So. Excited!

    I own the originals on ps2 and loved them! Cant wait to replay them and I'm also excited for the prequel. ^^

    Not Hideo Kojima's best known work because it isn't his work. He only produced the ZOE series.

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