1PP: Should We Worry About Preserving The Retro Games We Love?

1PP: Should We Worry About Preserving The Retro Games We Love?

Check out the second of our 1st Person Perspective videos, shot by our own Chris Person with Evan Narcisse taking the interview lead.

They spoke with Robin, who is quite the retro games collector. They delve into the benefits of HD remakes, and the potential of digital distribution. Let us know your opinions in the discussions below.


  • Interesting little video and somewhat enlightening in some respects. I think the idea that the preservation of retro gaming is more in the hands of people who were there for it originally. These days gaming is (and I say this without meaning to play the pompous ass card) “mainstream” where everyone picks up a console or PC at the age of 8 and they enter into a world that was established through trial and error they are completely oblivious to. There is a massive focus on the technological advances rather than the innovative advances in gaming and as we (re: people over the age of 25 as a ballpark figure) look back on the humble beginnings of electronic entertainment, we can see the whole picture. It is somewhat similar to the creationist(new age gaming) vs evolution(retro gaming) dichotomy.

    Preservation of retro gaming is in the hands most often of people who, while they have the desire to do so, often lack the time commitment/money to actually follow through, they are adults with other things on their plate. It is very much a dwindling group of people whereas nowadays, a huge percentage of the population partake in gaming day to day with little thought to what their current generation games stemmed from and are looking only to the future.

    We were the pioneers of fun in video games, that time, sadly, has plateaued. We were the innovators of platforming which paved the way to collectible oriented gameplay and overworlds. We were the innovators of side scrolling beat-em-ups which led to boss battles, shooters and, arguably, first person shooters (contra taking a birds eye PoV before you shoot me down). And lastly we were the innovators of an experience based character progression.
    Alas, I must away to work, there were but a few additional points I wished to convey but time is of the essence :'(

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