A Beautiful Mech Commemorates The Greatest Robot Movie Of All Time

If you haven't seen 1990's Robot Jox, well, stop reading. Go get a copy. Because it's just about the best thing ever. A combination of Cold War politics and stop-motion giant mech combat, it told the story of a future in which international disputes were settled not with wars, but with gladiatorial battles between...giant mechs.

Props specialist Rocketbobs has spent four years recreating the "hero" of the movie, Achilles. What's awesome is that this isn't a replica toy. It's a restoration job of one of the "puppets" used in the filming of the movie, meaning its fully poseable, lights up and was even patched up using parts from models used in the finished film (assisted by an original blueprint used in the production of Robot Jox).

Restored Robot Jox Achilles [RPF, thanks Argh!]


    "Because it’s just about the best thing ever."

    No, it's really not. And that's coming from someone who loved the Street Fighter movie.

    I loved the robot jox movie, but no one else seems too :(

      I'm with you buddy, loved that shit.

    Those scenes of Robot Jox in the YouTube clip reminds me of the cutscenes I saw in Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance. It looks interesting if only because the idea of high tech, giant robots fighting against each other in mortal combat is something a lot of people can enjoy - and make money from. (e.g. Hasbro (Transformers) and Bandai (Gundam, Macross)).

    Actually, if someone were to produce a movie set in the Mechwarrior / Battletech universe with a decent budget, writing team, director, producer, special effects team, and ensemble of actors - it could be awesome.

      or there's Guillermo Del Torro's "Pacific Rim". Thanks io9! http://io9.com/5924179/first-look-at-the-giant-robots-in-guillermo-del-toros-pacific-rim

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